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The Vista Group comes to order

Filed by Jack Yan/February 23, 2008/5.05

[Cross-posted] I had a great lunch (to which I was on time) with Wellington bloggers Jim Donovan and Mark Di Somma at Vista, which now seems to be a monthly gig, discussing and . Funnily enough, the Trelise Cooper did come up (just blogged about it, guys), but we also talked about the theory of the Nod: that two of the same niche product would recognize each other as belonging to an exclusive club, whether that club existed in fact or not. Two riders might nod at each other, knowing they have some form of brotherhood.
   I wonder if this is a male phenomenon. Would two women with a Kelly bag do the same, or would they believe the other to be a rival, sparking a conversation and underlining the importance of the brand?
   We also discussed lingerie, Lovemarks (God help us) and That Time Mark Endorsed Dan Herman’s New Book (which is excellent, incidentally—review soon).
   You can read Jim’s and Mark’s takes on lunch at their respective blogs.

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