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Jennifer Hawkins has Lovable tips

Filed by Lucire staff/August 22, 2008/10.51

Jennifer Hawkins, Lovable lingerie, featured in Lucire
Jennifer Hawkins, Lovable lingerie, featured in Lucire

There’s a small snippet about Jennifer Hawkins and the spring–summer 2008–9 lingerie range from Lovable over on Lucire’s fashion index page, but behind the scenes we were given a press-release Q&A with the former Miss Universe.
   These tips purport to come from Hawkins, and it’s likely the beauty queen endorsed them. In any case, the advice isn’t too bad. We’ve featured an edited selection below.

The Strapless Cocktail Dress
Q: I’ve got large boobs but I love this season’s eighties inspired prom dress, is there a way that I can wear one without worrying about it slipping down?
JH: The prom dress can look fabulous on almost any figure, as its [sic] gives you that classic hourglass figure. The key is to choose the right strapless bra that gives you enough support and doesn’t slip down round your waist after an hour or two. The secret is to look for styles that have an added “bone” inserted on the outside of each cup, giving the bra that extra stability.

The Halter-neck Frock
Q: I love halter neck dresses but I HATE not being able to wear a bra underneath them, what do you suggest?
JH: There’s a new generation of bras out there that convert specially into halter necks just for this kind of tricky situation!! Go into your local lingerie boutique or department store and get the experts to show you what’s available and how to fit them. These bras can look a bit complicated = lots of strap everywhere and a multitude of different techniques for different dressing requirements, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried one before. And they work wonders for a halter-neck dress …

The Silk Slip
Q: Silk and diamonds, a girl’s best friend! Or so they say. Silk’s supposed to be flattering, but I’m utterly confused about what lingerie to wear underneath as the fabric shows every little lump and bump. Jennifer, help!
JH: Body Silk by name, Body Silk by nature! The key to wearing silk is to find the smoothest, most seamless lingerie you can. Technological advancements in fabric cutting has given girls the perfect solution to this age old issue, with a whole world of beautiful discreet, ultra-comfy lingerie that can only be spotted if you’ve got X-ray vision. This said, there are a couple of pointers – make sure your undies fit perfectly (small ones cut unattractively into your skin) The same theory applies to your the bra.

   Lovable stockists are listed at; needless to say, the company has a bra for each situation listed above, from the strapless contour bra available up to a 16E, to the Suddenly Shapely ?ve-way convertible bra, to the Ultraskin and Body Silk collections.

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