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We’re photographing Sam, so pray for good weather

Filed by Jack Yan/September 29, 2008/13.10

Samantha Powell in actionLeft: It’s not even that good a quality (the technical aspects, not the subject) but this is one of the more regularly pirated shots of Samantha Powell online. Some blogging services have been kindly getting it removed from around the web on our behalf—one had this shot and another one of Jennifer Hawkins from this website, but thought they both were of Sam! Here’s hoping Doug’s ones tomorrow won’t wind up plastered everywhere illegally.

You have to wonder about the unpredictable weather here in Wellington, with Miss New Zealand Samantha Powell’s shoot tomorrow. It’s looking mighty cold, despite our apparently having started daylight saving (not that there was much media coverage about that). Doug, the photographer, is being reminded of why he moved to Sydney: the weather. We have a contingency plan but input is still being sought—especially as the issue comes out in the summer and grey skies in the background might not be that appropriate.
   I haven’t led a shoot for some years so this is an interesting experience being put into that role, but it’s a reunion of sorts and I really wanted to work with Doug on this one. It’s also a good chance to work ?rst-hand with the reigning Miss Wellington, make-up artist Rebecca Connor, who will do Sam’s make-up. (Doug and I met Rebecca at the same party.) It’s all a bit of a journey down memory lane.

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