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Integrating ‘News’ with ‘Insider’

Filed by Jack Yan/August 31, 2009/8.25

We’re wondering whether we retain a ‘News’ page at the Lucire site, since the ‘Insider’ section nearly usurps its role. Historically, we have never been sure what to do with the section—I remember we ran fashion week updates on there in the pre-blog days, but the rest of the year, we struggled to keep up with mainstream media outlets. More recently, we’ve just let a script run headlines from other services, including, which has syndicated Lucire stories since before RSS was invented.
   Have readers any preference? We’ve received little feedback about this section over the years, which makes me wonder if people still use it. I think we should integrate it with ‘Insider’ (which is hit a lot), and move the feeds to the ‘Community’ page.
   And thanks to all those who have commented so far on the two pages we have put up with the new look. Your suggestions have been really useful, and we’ve implemented most of them in terms of the tweaks to the designs.

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