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Electric car companies use COP 15 to market their wares

Filed by Lucire staff/December 7, 2009/12.40

Think City at COP 15
Above Think City cars outside the Bella Centre in København, Denmark.

Electric car companies are using the København United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) as a forum to market their products—which makes one wonder if some of these conferences have come grand trade fairs, rather than one where politicians do any work toward climate change.
   British company Electric Car Corp. has supplied 60 electric Citroën C1 Ev’ie models, which have been purchased by ChoosEV, a Danish company set up by three of the major electric power companies to promote electric vehicles. Following on the newswires this morning was news that Norwegian company Think, along with its fleet customer, Move About, have provided 15 Think City courtesy cars to COP 15.
   However, some exposure for the nascent electric car industry is better than none. The event highlights just how many decades it has taken for such cars to break into the mainstream, and the very small steps that politicians make at such conferences.

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