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Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke, photographed by Angela Scott

Filed by Lucire staff/June 23, 2010/12.40

Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke
Angela Scott

Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke, has had her first photo shoot—if you do not count press ones—with Angela Scott. These are stunning shots, confirming many of the positive comments found here at Lucire’s web edition as well as other pageant-oriented websites.
   Ria’s win is drawing extra support from companies in New Zealand. Beauty on the Strand of Parnell, Auckland, has joined as a pageant sponsor, providing her with sun-tanning and face products.
   Kim from the Strand Wellness Centre, Parnell, is proudly advising Ria on how to obtain optimum nutrition and vitality on her journey to Miss Universe.
   The Miss Universe New Zealand official website is now being updated regularly as Ria gets ready for her international competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, during August. Similarly, the pageant fan page on Facebook is getting regular updates, with images from the last four years having been uploaded.
   According to Lucire’s publisher, Jack Yan, who served as head judge this year: ‘We have not seen such positive public comments—nearly universally—for any Miss Universe New Zealand in the four years I have been on the judging panel for the pageant. These photographs show that Ria’s intelligence and sincerity are matched with outward beauty. She is, to date, our most popular Miss Universe New Zealand this century.’

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  • Kim

    New Zealand and the world have a winner, she is absolutely beautiful.

  • Nene

    These are stunning photos of Ria and we all know that the camera doesn’t lie !!!!!
    What a treasure New Zealand has found .

  • I agree entirely about the beauty both on the inside and the outside. All credit to the photographer too, very tastefully done. I also agree with Kim’s comment about Ria being a winner, for both NZ and the World.

  • imtiaz waris

    Ria is truly a vision of beauty and grace combined into one.I predict she will win the contest in Vegas in August.

  • Shireen

    Ria is gorgeous a beautiful person with a beautiful heart, she deserves to be Miss Universe !

  • Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke. habitude and good look!perfect!

  • attracting eyes, sweet smile,good figure,fleshy chest.

  • Glenda

    Ria is stunningly beautiful, she is very smart, articulate and lovely person, an excellant choice for Miss NZ Universe.
    I wish her the very best of luck, and I believe she has the attributes to be the next ‘Miss World Universe’

  • Tony Cucuzza- USA

    Ria has all the qualities for a pageant winner. She has both inner and outer beauty supported by a loving and graceful heart.Her eyes, her smile and her charm explains it all.A true winner.

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  • Rachel

    Stunning! Great photos! Good luck!

  • jacknz

    she looks a million dollars. go kiwi!

  • Sam

    Minute To Win It- MISS UNIVERSE episode!!! Tune in on Monday, August 23rd to catch the exciting new episode of the hit NBC game show!!!..