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Oscar coverage: from the red carpet, to Colin Firth, to Melissa Leo’s swearing

NEWS  by Lucire staff/February 28, 2011/12.45

Our coverage of the Oscars begins here, with highlights from Colin Firth’s, Natalie Portman’s and Melissa Leo’s acceptance speeches.
   The King’s Speech won best film while its star Colin Firth took the best actor prize at the Academy Awards. The movie took four honours in total, including best original screenplay for David Seidler and best director for Tom Hooper.
   Natalie Portman won best actress for Black Swan, and we have her emotional winning speech below.
   One talked-about moment was Melissa Leo dropping the f-bomb for the first time in an Oscar ceremony as she received her best supporting actress award from veteran actor Kirk Douglas, 94.
   On the red carpet, Russell Brand joked about security and humorously handed over interview duties to his Mum. Christian Bale called his best supporting actor nomination for The Fighter ‘gravy’ (he was later successful), while both Firth and Helena Bonham Carter are delighted at the number of people who have seen The King’s Speech.

Natalie Portman

Melissa Leo

Colin Firth

Russell Brand

Christian Bale

Helena Bonham Carter

British stars head to the red carpet

John Galliano to face his accuser on Monday

NEWS  by Lucire staff//3.55

An alleged assault and anti-Semitic outburst resulted in the arrest of John Galliano on Thursday, and Christian Dior’s suspension of him as its creative director on Friday.
   The Dior house said it has a zero-tolerance policy on racism, and the fate of the suspension rests on a police investigation.
   Géraldine Bloch claims that she and her friend, of Asian origin, faced anti-Semitic and racist slurs from Galliano. Galliano has since filed a defamation suit against Bloch. quotes an unnamed eyewitness who claims that the incident was started by Bloch and was not racist.
   The French press currently reports that Galliano will face his accuser in a meeting organized by the Paris public prosecutor on Monday. The aim is to get to the bottom of the Thursday night incident and to see whether there is a case to be answered.

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Hairstylist to Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock gives his Oscar tips

NEWS  by Lucire staff//3.11

Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman

We had wondered who would be the first to send us an Oscar-related bulletin this year. That honour goes to hairstylist David Babaii, for his work on Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.
   Babaii had previously worked on Kidman at the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, and gave these tips through publicist Janice R. McCafferty:

After washing and gently towel-drying, apply Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment (now available at to nourish and protect the hair against thermal styling.
   Next, dry the hair thoroughly, applying additional Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to serve as a UV protector against the sun and drying winds.
   After applying a small amount of the Pequi Oil to the hair, divide into four parts: top, sides and back leaving the nape area free. Starting at the nape area and taking small sections one at a time, comb the hair before starting. Depending on the size of the wave or curl you desire, wrap the bottom half of the section around one to three fingers, creating a large pin-curl type curl.
   Using the IT&LY Hairfashion Digital Styling Iron, take the open flat iron and carefully place the curl inside and clamp down, holding for 10–15 seconds. Repeat if the curl is large or hair is thick so you have covered the entire diameter of the curl. Clip the curl and proceed to the next. If necessary, apply additional Pequi Oil. It is lightweight and will not weigh the hair down.
   After completing the entire head, remove the clips and allow the curls to relax and fall naturally into place. Apply additional Pequi Oil to your hands and use your fingers to brush waves into place. Now anyone can achieve smooth, shiny “beachy romantic” waves with only two products: Pequi Oil and the IT&LY Hairfashion flat iron. If you wish, spray with a light hold styling spray.

   Meanwhile, the Oscars’ formula was a little different, as we received word half an hour ago:

David always begins every red carpet look with clean hair followed by applying Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment (now available at to her entire head. It is derived from the pequi fruit, known for centuries as the beauty secret of the Amazon rainforest. Once applied, David is amazed at how Nicole’s beautiful red hair colour looks so fresh and vibrant. The Pequi Oil Treatment also instantly absorbs leaving hair smooth and shiny.
   He then sectioned off a bang and cut a French fringe to frame the face.
   Next, he blow dried Nicole’s hair with the IT&LY Hairfashion Ionic Dryer that supplies super-fast drying power along with a large round brush. At the bang area, he gently bumped the ends under.
   After the hair was dried, he applied an additional amount of Pequi Oil to create a smooth and shiny surface.
   To begin the “Playful Ponytail” up-do, he used his hands to sweep the hair into a ponytail creating a slight bump at the crown and securing with a band. To finish the French fringe, David added additional Pequi Oil to his fingers to define.

Nicole Kidman   For one of our favourite German-speaking actresses, Sandra Bullock:

Start with a clean canvas by rinsing all the shampoo and conditioner from the hair. After gently towel drying, David applied Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to the hair, using a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product. The Pequi Oil tames frizz, mends split ends while providing hair with incredible softness and shine.
   Then, he dried her hair with a round brush for a smooth finish.
   Once dry, David applied additional Pequi Oil and brushed her hair straight back.
   With the IT&LY Hairfashion Digital Styling Iron, he took random half-inch sections starting at the front and twisted the hair. Once the strand is twisted, take your flat iron and press down the entire length of the strand to set a wavy texture in. Allow each strand to cool and release itself naturally. David continued taking half-inch sections throughout the front half of her head until he achieved enough texture.
   When complete, additional Pequi Oil was added to his hands to finger-comb the hair back into a ponytail above the nape area. He then wrapped her hair around the band and secured with bobby pins allowing any loose hairs to fall naturally.

Round-up for the week ahead: Naomi Campbell on X Factor?

NEWS  by Lucire staff//2.10

British media are reporting that supermodel Naomi Campbell may replace Cheryl Cole on The X Factor if the singer, and creator Simon Cowell, leave for the US version.
   The claims so far seem to have come from the Mail on Sunday, a tabloid, with no direct quotations from anyone connected with the programme.
   She would appear alongside returning judges Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh in August, if the reports are true.
Soap Heaven
Soap Heaven is a British venture started by Alison Merchant. The company produces hand-made soaps which have not been tested on animals (Merchant says, ‘Only my husband!’), are all-natural, and have been professionally certified. Six of the soaps are based on famous cocktails, such as Bucks Fizz and Piña Colada, and gift sets are available.
   Merchant says the Cocktail Bar and Fresh & Fruity ranges are her best sellers.
   Head over to for ordering info.
Adidas Wellington store launch
Adidas, meanwhile, has launched a new store on Lambton Quay in Wellington, New Zealand, featuring popular items such as its Stella McCartney range and Adidas Originals—the heritage line sporting the company’s classical style, blended with the demands of the 2010s. Both rugby and football stars were present: the Hurricanes’ Conrad Smith, Aaron Cruden and Andrew Hore; and Phoenix mid-fielder Leo Bertos and Ma’a Nonu.

Beauty backstage: Vera Wang fall–winter 2011–12

NEWS  by Lucire staff/February 27, 2011/12.24

Vera Wang
Vera Wang
Chris Pearce

Key make-up artist, Lucia Pieroni for Clé de Peau Beauté and key hairstylist, Orlando Pita for Moroccanoil, were in charge of designing the look for Vera Wang’s fall 2011 collection. To even further accentuate the contrast in Vera’s clothing, they combined the two extremes of hard and soft with both the make-up and hair.
   Inspired by the 1930s’ iconic American working woman with style and flare for romance, Vera Wang’s fall collection brought deep charcoal and slate to the runway. An iron-gated backdrop added to the show’s rustic and edgy style. The clothes capture this as well and exhibit a blend of hard, strong lines with flowy, layered fabrics. This inspired Pieroni to create a look that would pull these two extremes together. Playing up the shades of grey and black in the clothes, Lucia used cream eye colour in Moonlight and in Moonshadow to deepen and intensify the eyes. To keep with the industrial steel theme, no cheek colour was added; however, a bit of gold shimmer was applied as a cheekbone highlight. For the lips, she chose Extra Rich Lipstick in both Comtesse du Cayla and in Mutabilis to bring out a hint of understated romantic aristocratic desire.
   Orlando Pita chose to pull back the front of the hair and tuck it under into a loose pony tail. ‘I wanted to create a look that had the feeling of structure, yet was very loose, and almost fluid at the same time,’ said Pita. The hair on top is shiny and smooth while the ponytail below is looser with a few strands of hair falling down the back. This look emphasizes the contrast of rounded architectural shapes with graceful, flowing lines. Both Orlando and Lucia did an all-round beautiful job, The show rocked, and Vera’s collection was one of our favourites this season.—Reiva Cruze, New York Beauty Editor

Vera Wang
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

An update on Christchurch: five days on

NEWS  by Lucire staff//8.39

Kip Brook

Above A Papanui Road house in Merivale that survived the September 4, 2010 earthquake, but not the aftershock of February 22.

People are exhausted, but they keep going.
   They are covered in the liquefaction which dries white. There is no escaping it. Clean it off and it is back one out in the streets. Cars are filthy. I have a row of shoes at the door covered in white powdered liquefaction.
   Supermarkets are open but still unclean. The stuff spreads everywhere.
   Most of us don’t watch TV any more here, it’s too difficult and doesn’t help us cope. People from afar don’t see the full picture on TV.
   We are facing greater difficulties getting the city up and running. Few have jobs; few businesses are open outside the CBD. Many of the schools have suffered massive damage. Christchurch Girls’ High on the banks of the Avon, on the airport side of Hagley Park, is one of several schools that is severely shattered. Principals and teachers across the city have begun phoning around to match up enough teachers and pupils so they know when school can begin. But some teachers have partners, family or friends who are victims of February 22. And many schools are in too bad a shape to consider opening for a long time.
   So many roads are impassable or dangerous.
   It’s frightening to think that 36,000 people left the city by plane in the first three days; many people by car. Some who fled may return; others have no home, no job, no future to return to. You can’t blame families with young children. There’s nobody to blame over this and people respect how everyone reacts; except the tiny number of looters. We heard of one person was waiting near an ATM for someone to withdraw money then rush over and rip it off them and run.
   It’s where to start, with so many hurdles. My wife Chrissy and I could not leave Christchurch for a long time yet, with so much to do.
   Some things are returning to normal. Petrol stations and supermarkets are open. How can you tell a supermarket has been rocked heavily by an earthquake? The smell of wine inside.
   A fleet of big trucks, stacked containers, temporary fuel bins, diggers and equipment from mid-Canterbury have set up base in a local supermarket car park. They have begun scooping up the piles of liquefaction people have shovelled out of their properties and piled on the edges or shattered roads, which look like scenes out of Middle East warzones. The diggers can’t keep up. The sound of helicopters rattles the windows; the house shakes as the big trucks roll back and forth constantly removing rubble from the city close by. This is a city on a knife-edge.
   The birds and crickets have returned after some of our darkest days. Christchurch people are strong and resilient, at the moment. We talk to everyone and ask how they are and if they need a hand. Those that can live in a house, no matter how badly ruined, are the lucky ones. Many robust homes that survived September 4 are totally shattered by the force of February 22’s earthquake. The amount of fallen bricks, broken homes and city buildings seem 20 times greater than in September. Words of support and knowing people outside are concerned keeps us going.—Kip Brook, Word of Mouth Media NZ

Kip Brook is an occasional contributor to Lucire, and a London bureau chief correspondent.

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Behind Luc Bouchard’s Perception, a collection of art painted by a make-up icon

NEWS  by Lucire staff/February 26, 2011/3.36

Luc Bouchard
Luc Bouchard
Stephen Ciuccoli/Lucire

Above Canadian artist Luc Bouchard; in the lower photograph, Lucire beauty editor Reiva Cruze talks to him.

A unique collection of paintings was presented for the public to enjoy at Space on White in lower Manhattan during the fall 2011 Fashion Week. Using mainly acrylic paints with a few hints of actual make-up, Luc Bouchard has created a visual world of depth and colour that takes us on his extraordinary journey of faces and perception. He’s made such a beautifully executed transition from the face to the canvas by using his 26 years’ expertise looking at and painting faces. His work on canvas is colourful, dramatic, and, yet, familiar. The core behind each piece is clearly within the eyes. Eyes so deep, you find yourself staring into them, searching for what is possibly the artist’s own perception.
   Luc Bouchard has not only been an inspiration to me as a make-up artist during this past decade, but an icon. His flawless style and artistic control make his every stroke appear effortless and the outcome, memorizing. It’s been a privilege watching him work backstage at Fashion Week as well as at private workshops and classes held at the MAC Pro Store here in New York City.
   I had the opportunity to chat with Bouchard during his exhibit at Space on White, attempting to delve into his own artistic influences and inspiration.
   ‘I try to get a sense of the underlying passions in people and enhance it; hope, dreams, sorrow, despair, sadness … revealed by the layering colours of their souls,’ Bouchard says of his collection.
   I enjoyed his work as much as I enjoyed watching the many faces that came to admire and pay tribute to this remarkably talented artist and the next step in his career.—Reiva Cruze, New York Beauty Editor

Fiat shows Gucci edition of 500; Jaguar commemorates E-type anniversary with official book

NEWS  by Lucire staff//1.26

To commemorate Gucci’s 90th birthday, Fiat has unveiled the 500 by Gucci on the first day of Moda di Milano.
   The car will also be shown at the Salon de Genève from March 3 to 13, in a dedicated Gucci pop-up store.
   In other motoring- and anniversary-related news, Jaguar has commissioned a book to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the iconic E-type.
   E-type: Fifty Years of a Design Icon has the development story, period images, competition information, and interviews with Sir Jackie Stewart, Martin Brundle, Sir Stirling Moss and Jay Leno.
   This is the official book commemorating the anniversary.
   The publisher is taking orders in advance of the March launch, with the VIP version retailing for £299, available on a first-come, first-served basis.
   For the standard hardcover edition, priced at £49, Amazon is taking orders both at the US and the UK sites.
   The VIP edition is individually numbered and is hand-bound in a reproduction of the E-type’s leather upholstery, and its own slipcase.
   At its 1961 launch, the E-type was the fastest production car in the world, capable of 150 mph. Celebrity owners included George Best, Brigitte Bardot, Tony Curtis and Steve McQueen.
   Jaguar says the book has previously unseen material from the Jaguar Heritage archives and newly commissioned photography.

E-type book
E-type book
E-type book
E-type book
E-type book
E-type book
E-type book

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