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Arnold Schwarzenegger as cartoon hero; UK media speculate over X Factor judging

Filed by Lucire staff/April 5, 2011/21.07

There’s a constant buzz in the UK media not about the Royal Wedding, but The X Factor, with the latest surrounding whether Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh would return to judge the show.
   The report below is all very carefully worded to avoid certainty, and includes Tweets from a Murdoch Press tabloid reporter, and information on who is the bookies’ favourite for a hosting position on the talent show.
   Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Governor of California, has announced, ‘I’m back,’ with a new animated series spoofing his character. We have the news item and a trailer for his cartoon below.
   In the cartoon world, once Arnie leaves office, he becomes a superhero—The Governator—solving crimes around California and, one imagines, all the things the Democrats supposedly wouldn’t let him do. This is not a late April Fool prank.

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