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Robert Pattinson’s on-screen kisses; Pippa Middleton’s rear gets internet presences

Filed by Lucire staff/May 3, 2011/23.48

Here’s one for the ladies today: heartthrob du jour Robert Pattinson discusses on-screen kisses at the UK première of Water for Elephants. It turns out that Pattinson was happy to do the film as soon as he read the script, but he doesn’t have a favourite on-screen kissing partner.
   And, slightly creepily, Royal Wedding bridesmaid Philippa Middleton’s derrière has now spawned its own website, Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Pippa Middleton is a yoga and Pilates follower, which might explain how she, along with genetic help, keeps her figure in check, though we’re less sure of the attention and personification that one body part is getting.
   The entire Royal Wedding can be viewed on YouTube: the Royal Family has uploaded the three-hour-plus telecast without commentary. It’s embedded below.

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