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Prologic, an advanced professional skin care range, makes its début

Filed by Lucire staff/October 23, 2011/11.32

Prologic Skin Care
Prologic Skin Care
We are very impressed with Prologic, a new New Zealand-developed professional skin care range. The brainchild of Rachel Robertson (whose Skin Therapy clinic has been covered in Lucire, and who is the New Zealand Therapist of the Year 2011–12), Prologic specifically leaves out the harsh additives that may be harmful to skin.
   While many brands employ mineral oil and fragrances, which have no positive effect on the skin, Prologic uses high-level vitamins, antioxidants and anti-ageing peptides.
   The principle, as Prologic describes it, is to work on ‘strengthening the skin barrier defence system and balancing the epidermal lipids.’ The idea is to build the foundation, then target specific skin concerns.
   The initial four products to be added to the range are Prologic’s Pre-Cleanse Oil, the Cream Cleanser, the Gel Cleanser and the Pigment Cleanser.
   The Pre-Cleanse Oil balances, strengthens and repairs the skin, bringing up the impurities. Each of the cleansers then has a different purpose.
   The Cream Cleanser, with lecithin and vitamin E, supports the skin’s barrier functions, and gently cleanses. The Gel Cleanser targets acneic and problematic skin, calming inflammation and reducing bacteria. The Pigment Cleanser features lactic acid to treat affected melanocyte cells, while lecithin and linseed oil support natural barrier functions.
   We had a brief session with the Prologic range with Skin Therapy’s omega 3 treatment, and noticed how our skin did not feel lumbered with a feeling of chemicals or fragrances on it.
   Initially, Prologic will be available from Skin Therapy in Wellington, with plans to roll it out to advanced skin therapy and beauty clinics exclusively. More information can be found at
Prologic Skin Care

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