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Roxy emphasizes performance and fashion in its latest campaign

NEWS  by Lucire staff/October 30, 2012/10.27

A Lucire special promotion

Roxy, which had spun off from Quiksilver in 1990, took a chance on the female surf market, initially beginning in swimwear and expanding into sportswear and snow wear. By the middle of the decade, the brand was well and truly established, thanks to its involvement in sport, with Lisa Andersen, then the ASP female world champion, becoming the first member of the Roxy boardriders’ team. It hasn’t looked back since, and its current team is now known as one of the teams to watch in women’s professional surfing.
   Its latest campaign features some of the top sportswomen that the brand is associated with: Olympic half-pipe snowboard gold medalist Torah Bright, and professional surfers Kelia Moniz, Kassia Meador, Jen Smith, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, and Bruna Schmitz. Not featured in the campaign, but part of the Roxy team, are Sally Fitzgibbons (above), Rosy Hodge, LeeAnn Curren, Lisa Anderson, Sofia Mulanovich, Jen Smith, Phillipa Anderson and Alyssa Lock.
   All this has allowed Roxy to be in the media spotlight, already featuring in our competitors’ publications, such as In Style. MTV’s Surf Girls in 2003, some might remember, was based around Roxy’s team manager Danielle Beck and team rider Heidi Drazic. The brand’s worth is now $400 million, with products for ‘every aspect of the active girl’s life,’ according to the company.
   The campaign is to remind Roxy fans, and potential customers, that the brand has a strong heritage in pro competition, blending fashion with function. It’s also to remind people that Roxy is a trail-blazing brand ‘born in the ocean and carved our way to the mountains.’
   â€˜White Sea’ is the song on the ad, performed by Ladykiller.

Sponsored by Roxy

Sony releases Skyfall pre-title behind-the-scenes footage

NEWS  by Lucire staff/October 26, 2012/12.36

Sony Pictures has released B-roll behind-the-scenes footage from the pre-title sequence of the new James Bond film, Skyfall, which opened today in the UK.
   The film had its royal première, attended by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this week.
   The pre-title sequence sees Dame Judi Dench as M in the studio ordering Naomie Harris’s character, Eve, to shoot a villain.
   The footage shows some of the chase that takes place in Ä°stanbul, Turkey, with Daniel Craig, Harris, and Ola Rapace on location. The stunt work includes crashing Audis and motorcycles, as well as a rig that allows a stuntman to drive a Land Rover on top of the vehicle while Harris sits in the original driver’s seat.
   The US première of the film follows on November 9. Skyfall, directed by Academy Award winner Sam Mendes, has already received rave reviews, with some calling it the best film in the series’ 50-year history. It is the 23rd entry in the Eon Productions series.

Margaret Hema arrives “home” at a new location in Courtenay Place

NEWS  by Jack Yan/October 25, 2012/11.57

I’m really impressed with Margaret Hema’s new rooms at Courtenay Place, Wellington, New Zealand, which one visits strictly by appointment. Hema, whom I first interviewed for Lucire in the mid-2000s, is the renowned ĂŚstheticienne and facialist, known not only for her unequalled treatment skills but for a small range of premium organic skin care products that have found favour internationally. Her clientèle remains exclusive and she has the enviable position of indulging her passion for beauty and skin care over a long career.
   She has developed her classic range very slowly, increasing her offerings from seven to eight in the last year. The development time for her latest organic day crème was 12 years, as Hema found the right formulation and suppliers—her approach is to find real solutions, rather than be swayed by beauty fads. She was creating organic products decades before they became trendy. Like an Oscar-winning composer, she can walk the street without being recognized except by her fans.
   Hema is critical of products which are largely water, since the skin fails to absorb them: a glance down the ingredients’ list of the SPF 12 crème reveals organic avocado oil, borage, olive and flaxseed oils, and organic totarol, among others. The 30 ml in each airtight container contains active ingredients, and the crème itself feels and smells nice.
   Hema moved into a salon in 1988 in Brandon Street, but with the building now needed for other purposes, she moved earlier this year into a heritage building on the first floor at 49 Courtenay Place. There are no signs downstairs: discretion remains part of the Hema brand, ensuring its exclusivity. It ties in perfectly with the quality of the products: you truly have to be an initiĂŠ to know them well.
   I had visited her old rooms before and felt that they were part of her identity, too—her clients had become used to taking the lift to the old premises. But the new salon retains the Hema feeling: it is brighter, thanks to more natural sunlight; soothing violin music occasionally comes through from a neighbouring business; and one feels instantly relaxed and at ease inside. The new location feels fresher, more affirming, and lighter, while Hema’s certificates as you enter the salon and the sight of the eight-product range bring instant familiarity and a feeling of an ongoing tradition, that this is a positive step on the Hema journey. It feels like “home” to the Margaret Hema experience; it’s as though she was always meant to be here.—Jack Yan, Publisher

Videos from Skyfall première: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Judi Dench on the red carpet

NEWS  by Lucire staff/October 24, 2012/13.50

Our videos from the Skyfall première are below, featuring interviews with star Daniel Craig, who briskly goes through the questions; Javier Bardem, who says he did not reference any of the previous villains and that it was a joy to work on the movie with Craig and director Sam Mendes; and Dame Judi Dench, who humorously says she could not possibly manage Craig as he is ‘wayward’ and a ‘naughty boy’.
   Two earlier videos are also featured that had not run at Lucire earlier: interviews with Craig and Bardem discussing the film. The three-minute interview with Craig—far better than the red-carpet piece—discusses how he had seen a rough cut and that it was ‘very weird’ when seeing himself the first time. He also says that as his third Bond, he feels more comfortable with the role and ‘really give it something’ and ‘stamping a mark on it’. Several clips from Skyfall are included in the interview segment. Craig says there was more humour thanks to the writing and ‘I’d love to make another one.’
   Bardem spoke highly of the script and that ‘it looked like a good chance to take.’ He says the villain he plays, Silva, is a complex man with a look that had to match the ‘uncomfortableness’ of his character.
   Further images can be seen at Lucire’s Tumblr.

Doutzen Kroes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hélèna Christensen launch Maison Martin Margiela–H&M collaboration

NEWS  by Lucire staff//10.57

Billy Farrell/

While Coty held its party in Soho, H&M headed to the financial district in New York to launch its latest designer collaboration, with Maison Martin Margiela.
   Celebrities attending the do included Doutzen Kroes, Julianne Moore, Leigh Lezark, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mena Suvari, Kanye West, HĂŠlèna Christensen, Selma Blair, Alan Cumming and Chace Crawford. The party was held over the nine storeys of 5 Beekman Street, and enjoy dance performances choreographed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, specially commissioned art installations by Daniel Arsham, FrĂŠdĂŠrique Chauveaux and Noemie Goudal, and DJed music.
   Parker’s thoughts were very like this publication’s ethos on accessible luxury: ‘All you have to do is look at the lines of women and men lined up very early in the morning to get a piece of a collection like this. I think it’s made luxury available to people and I think that’s wonderful and very democratic and I’m all for it.’
   Kroes says, ‘It’s really great because this way younger people and people who can’t afford the real Margiela can shop at H&M and get to know the brand, and I think it’s a great way to mix both of these cultures together.’
   In the H&M press release, Maison Martin Margiela stated: ‘We are happy to present the Maison Martin Margiela with H&M collection in New York with this event. Maison Martin Margiela believes in showing its work outside of the traditional context. This mix of installation and performance captures the spirit of the house, and allowed the artists to interpret the collaboration collection in ways they saw fit.’
   H&M’s creative adviser, Margareta van den Bosch, said, ‘Tonight’s party has been such an exciting evening, full of surprises. In every room, on every floor, you never knew what you were going to find. The installations showed the Maison Martin Margiela collection with H&M in the most amazing and original way and we believe our customers will really appreciate this collection.’
   The Maison Martin Margiela with H&M collection comprises reissues from the Maison Martin Margiela archive.
   It will hit c. 230 H&M stores globally on November 15.

Billy Farrell/

Rabbani and Solimene Photography

Joe Schildhorn/

Billy Farrell/

Sponsored video: Kate Moss continues her lipstick collaboration with Rimmel

NEWS  by Lucire staff//10.14

A Lucire special promotion

One year ago, Kate Moss launched her first lipstick with events at Claridge’s and the Battersea Power Station, tying in with London Fashion Week. The collaboration has continued with Rimmel, with winter 2012–13 shades, which went on sale on October 3.
   The new matte-finish lipsticks, which come in five shades, ranging from fuchsia and pink to coral, are priced at ÂŁ5¡49 each.
   Rimmel says that Moss also contributed the packaging design. It features a matte red pack with her signature in black.
   The continuation of the collaboration with Rimmel shows just how enduring Moss’s image is. The 38-year-old supermodel continues to be appealing to beauty companies, and remains one of the modelling industry’s top earners.
   Last Friday, Rimmel launched a competition with the UK edition of CondĂŠ Nast’s Glamour magazine. The winner will receive a ÂŁ150 hamper, while each of the 100 runners-up will receive one of the new matte lipsticks. Readers can check out the competition via
   Moss has worked with Rimmel for ten years. Last year’s celebrations included an advertising campaign that featured her departing a Croydon parking building via helicopter, which subsequently flies over the O2 and Tower Bridge. The same helicopter actually dropped Moss home after the shoot.
   The Battersea after-party launching the campaign saw Moss arrive by helicopter as well. Donna Air, Sadie Frost, Steve Mormoris, Cara Delevingne, the Noisettes, Solange Knowles and Georgia May Jagger were among the guests.
   Moss has also said that the first lipstick she ever wore was from Rimmel, called Heather Shimmer, an iridescent lilac.

Sponsored by Rimmel

Roberto Cavalli, Georgia May Jagger celebrate launch of Just Cavalli fragrance for her

NEWS  by Lucire staff//10.06

Maxime Desessard

Coty Prestige and Just Cavalli held an event to celebrate the launch of the Just Cavalli fragrance for women in New York City earlier this month.
   Held at a private home in Soho, guests included Roberto Cavalli, Eva Cavalli, the two advertising models, Georgia May Jagger and Marlon Teixeira, Coty CEO Michele Scannavini, Coty Prestige president Jean Mortier, Firmenich perfumer Nathalie Lorson, and photographer Mario Sorrenti.
   Performers on the different floors of the house included actors, dancers and a fortune-teller.
   In the post-event release, Roberto Cavalli is reported to have said, ‘Georgia is the right person, a perfect testimonial for my new Just Cavalli perfume: happy, sexy, young and glamorous!’
   Jagger said, ‘It is such an honour to be the face of the new Just Cavalli fragrance. Roberto Cavalli is a great designer and having the chance to get closer to his world is an amazing experience.’
   At the top floor, Caitlin Moe and Mia Moretti performed, while Karmin showcased later in the evening.

Maxime Desessard

Eva HerzigovĂĄ opens luxury mall in Almaty, Kazakhstan

NEWS  by Lucire staff/October 22, 2012/10.13

Vladimir Tretyakov/Getty Images

Top Gregorio Marsiaj, Eva HerzigovĂĄ, Capital Partners’ CEO Burak Oymen and model Teresa Maxova at the opening of Almaty’s Esentai Mall. Above A model on the catwalk during a fashion show to celebrate the launch of Capital Partners’ Esentai Mall.

Forget the Romania-filmed parody of Kazakhstan in a certain American film: the real Kazakhstan’s rising GDP—thanks to oil and gas—means that it now plays host to the new Esentai Mall in Almaty, which had its grand opening last Friday with Eva HerzigovĂĄ as guest of honour.
   With 1,000 VIPs and some of the world’s great luxury brands present at Esentai—Saks Fifth Avenue, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Loro Piana, Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi among them—there’s no denying the confidence that the mall’s backers have in the Kazakh economy.
   An aerial ballet was performed before HerzigovĂĄ and mall developer Capital Partners’ Burak Oymen opened the mall officially. The party also included a champagne and cocktail reception supported by Moet & Chandon and Belvedere Vodka, accompanied by delicacies from chef Tom Wolfe.
   The mall project had cost US$450 million, according to Capital Partners, and architects SQM, which also created the Time Warner Center in New York, worked on Esentai. The property has a gross area 52,000 m² and is home to 160 stores. Saks Fifth Avenue spans three of the six storeys.
   The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. will create a five-star hotel on the top floors of the neighbouring 36-storey Esentai Tower, the tallest building in Kazakhstan.

Vladimir Tretyakov/Getty Images

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