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Sponsored video: new Renault Twingo given away to couple in leap-year proposal

Filed by Lucire staff/March 15, 2012/11.52

A Lucire special promotion

Renault Twingo II

In the 1980s, there was a concern that cars were beginning to look all the same: the same rectangular headlights, the grille-less look, slightly rounded corners, and pretty much the same proportions.
   Enter Patrick le Quément, the man heading design at Renault, who said: ‘The biggest risk of all is not to take risks.’
   The Renault Twingo, launched soon after he got on board at the French company, as the first example of its breaking away from convention. While Twingo also had a grille-less face, the lights were round and cheeky, and the interior was minimalist, but stylishly so. The speedometer was in the middle of the dashboard, but it worked. It was a one-box design, where the bonnet and cabin blended in to the same shape. Other cute city cars followed, such as the Ford Ka, but Twingo got there first in showing that an entry-level vehicle could be cheeky and practical in the 1990s.
   Renault followed up the Twingo with an all-new model in 2007, beefing it up, and facelifting it last year. And it’s a cute pink one that Jane and Tim have won as part of the below promotion for Renault.
   In a leap year, tradition dictates that a woman can propose marriage to a man, so, after five years, Jane decided to pop the question to her partner Tim.
   Renault’s fun sponsored video below sees the moment, but what they didn’t know was that it had planned to give them a new car after the proposal.
   The new Twingo could hardly be called minimalist, with four airbags, cruise control and speed limiter, although it remains miserly on fuel (55·4 mpg Imperial) and the 1·2 16-valve model emits only 119 g/km of carbon dioxide.
   Yes, there is a happy ending, but you know you still want to watch it.

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