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Japan Fashion Week, autumn–winter 2012–13: Christian Dada, DressedUndressed, Motonari Ono, Phenomenon

Filed by Lucire staff/March 27, 2012/1.16

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo finished on Saturday. Days 4 to 7 featured Christian Dada, DressedUndressed, Motonari Ono, and Phenomenon.

Japan Fashion Week Organization

Christian Dada
Japanese label Christian Dada showcased its latest collection on the Tokyo Midtown runway last Wednesday. Since Christian Dada successfully made its Fashion Week début for spring–summer 2012 season, it has quickly emerged as the most talk-about brand in Japan. The designer, Masanori Morikawa, previously worked at Charles Anastase. After going independent, Morikawa established his own label, Christian Dada, beginning with autumn–winter 2010.
   In this season’s runway theme, Lost, Morikawa expressed his own take on the idea of being lost in the forest with the dusk green lighting on the runway. Make-up on models was done by MAC, with green hues inspired by moss and trees. The theme was expressed by super-wide pants and oversized jackets with torn fabric for menswear, which makes us imagine large, aged trees in the old forest. On the other hand, the womenswear kept it simple and feminine with mini-dresses, incorporating edgy punk studs in some.

Japan Fashion Week Organization

DressedUndressed managed to do a simple, black-and-white runway show at Tokyo Midtown last Thursday. The label has been showcasing its collection, featuring only black-and-white menswear and womenswear since it débuted on the runway for autumn–winter 2011–12. It focused on the concepts of duality and contrast. In this season’s Homunculus collection, the label showcased another monotone runway show, featuring white, sleek shirts with high-waisted black trousers. Classic trench-style black wool jackets added another layer to complete a sophisticated look for the label. The show ended with the video clip on the wall-sized screen, featuring an American Psycho-inspired short movie.

Japan Fashion Week Organization

Motonari Ono
Motonari Ono showed off his colourful leather clothing in his new collection on Thursday at Tokyo Midtown. Many of runway shows in this and other fashion weeks this season have been using black and grey. However, Motonari Ono is not afraid to use bold autumn colours like mustard yellow and fiery red. This season’s collection theme is Women’s Power. Ono was inspired by the Vogue editors from 17 countries who came to Tokyo last autumn for Fashion’s Night Out, and felt the women’s power from those who enjoy both fashion and work. The show started with bold leather dresses and moved on to his signature lacy details on shirts and dresses. It finished with a black fur bolero jacket to showcase a strong feminine figure.

Japan Fashion Week Organization

Japan Fashion Week closed its doors with Phenomenon’s Nostalgia-themed runway show last Friday at Tokyo Midtown. The label, which is popular among fashionable Japanese males, showcased upper-scale and classical streetwear with full use of layering and colours such as different hues of browns, yellows, oranges, and greens. It also paired men’s autumn shorts with coloured leggings as this season’s fashion-forward statement to which audience responded positively. As Phenomenon’s runway show was the official finale of Fashion Week, the show wrapped up dramatically, with autumn leaves falling from the ceiling.—Yuka Murai, YM Biz & Media

All collection reports are available at the Japan Fashion Week Organization website, at

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