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Icebreaker announces Realfleece jackets incorporating nanotechnology

Filed by Samantha O’Reilly/June 14, 2012/13.08

Launched in 1994, Icebreaker was the first company in the world to develop a merino wool layering system for the outdoors. This season, Icebreaker has created a water-resistant jacket in its Realfleece range, showing that through innovation and the use of what it dubs nanotechnology, nature trumps plastic again.
   Icebreaker says its Realfleece Nano jackets contain particles that attach themselves to the merino fibre, allowing water to run off in droplets, while leaving pockets of air to maintain breathability. The jackets’ protection on the outside, and a layer of Realfleece on the inside, mean a real alternative to synthetic fleece.
   Realfleece Nano is available in the women’s Arctic jacket range in black and cognac–cherub, and in the men’s Kodiak range, in black and fossil–grass, from NZ$329·95.—Samantha O’Reilly

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