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Heidi Klum talks about the struggle to get Project Runway started as it débuts its 10th season

Filed by Lucire staff/July 21, 2012/7.13

Above Heidi Klum in a publicity shot for the new season of Project Runway.

Heidi Klum has reached a milestone for her TV show Project Runway: its 10th season. To promote it, she was at Times Square on Thursday commenting the struggles starting the series.
   ‘I’m extra proud. It’s like one of my babies being born and being out there for so many years already now. … Figuring something out, trying to sell something, I ran all over town to explain what this show could be all about, that people might love watching talented designers at work,’ said the 39-year-old model and businesswoman.
   ‘A lot of people turned us away and they said, “Why would we want to watch that?” We were really passionate about it and then finally we did find a network that put us on the air and then we got started.
   ‘Then we started filming and I didn’t have a stylist in the beginning, [and I asked,] “How am I going to look really stylish?” This is a show about fashion. So I started calling friends and asking, “Can I borrow this? Can I borrow that?” A lot of designer friends and Michael [Kors], of course, helped me out.
   ‘I couldn’t do a show on jeans and T-shirts and things that I wore a long time ago when I didn’t have that kind of a closet so we made do. So as Tim [Gunn] always says, “I made it work”—we all made it work.’
   The latest season premièred Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

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