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Three best friends: the latest chapter from Thomas Salme’s Miami shoots

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 26, 2013/12.05

Thomas Salme

Above Marion Vijar, Gretchen Ellis and Sarah Rivera.

Gretchen from Nicaragua, Marion from Estonia and Sarah from Dominican Republic, all work as professional models—who happen to be best friends. Normally, when I meet models that are professional, there is always a kind of competition between them. I have never seen three girls in one shoot who laugh together and helping each other out in the friendly way that they did.
   I started the shoot at 6 a.m. in Nikki Beach in Miami, Fla., and the girls where all awake and ready to work.
   After four hours’ shooting, we had some great pics and with almost no editing, the photos are on the computer screen.
   I think it is hard to find models who do not need editing afterwards, and this set of the “three best friends” gave me hope that the natural look is back again.
   Being in Miami, I think that the weather and the great locations, together with very friendly people, create the perfect location.
   As most of the people have Latin blood, it makes it a place where things are happening and there’s a smile on every face you see, like in Venezuela or Colombia.
   As one of the models said, ‘There is nothing more comfortable than getting undressed in front of your best friends.’
   So until the next session from my Miami series, please enjoy those photos I took.—Thomas Salme, with Gretchen Ellis

Gretchen Ellis

Thomas Salme

Sarah Rivera

Thomas Salme

Marion Vijar

Thomas Salme

Graffiti Rock, 30 years later

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 25, 2013/14.15

Michael Holman isn’t a name in the spotlights which you normally see associated with the global movement called hip-hop, but he is a true pioneer and innovator. His impeccable credentials in the earliest days of the phenomenon attest to his permanent place in its history. Co-founder of the band Grey with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, film-maker and documentarian, friend and collaborator with legendary DJs and presenters like Fab 5 Freddy, Holman created and hosted—only one time—the first hip-hop television show, Grafitti Rock, in 1984. The one-hour show featured Run DMC, Kool Moe Dee and Special K of the Treacherous Three, the New York City Breakers, and a studio dance crowd that included actors Vincent Gallo and Debi Mazar.
   Thirty years later, Holman’s offering a crowdsourcing opportunity to present the show in a special remastered edition on DVD for the digital era, sponsor a documentary about the making of Graffiti Rock and—depending on your level of support—accompanied by a bevy of cool commemorative premiums, invitations, not to mention glory.
   The media are already on top of this one, with a front-page article in The New York Times. You can do your part in making hip-hop history by visiting Holman’s Kickstarter page,—Stanley Moss, Travel Editor

Top Michael Holman in 1982. Above Holman and the New York City Breakers posed with Andy Warhol.

Bunte announces its New Faces Award Fashion recipients for 2013

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 24, 2013/23.35

Andreas Rentz

Bunte’s annual New Faces Award Fashion during Düsseldorf Fashion Week has seen some very deserving winners in fashion, accessories and shoes.
   In the Best Fashion Label category, Achtland, a Berlin label by Oliver Lühr and Thomas Bentz, took the honours. They were awarded red panther statuettes and prize money of €10,000.
   Tom Zauke won in the Best Accessories Label category. Marion Henry, on the jury, said, ‘The pieces by Tom Zauke are very reminiscent of works of art. They are both visionary and sustainable.’
   Best Shoe Design went to Joachim van Kann for his innovative shoe designs, and took home a cash prize of €5,000.
   The jury also included Eickhoff owner Susanne Asbrand-Eickhoff, Fashion Net Düsseldorf’s Wolfgang Johannes Hein and Bunte editor-in-chief Patricia Riekel.
   Furniture company Kare Design partnered with Bunte. Kare created a space in an Ibiza style, furnished with floor cushions, benches and lanterns, at which Bunte honoured the best up-and-coming designers.
   Celebrities and guests attending included Kriemhild Siegel, Alexandra Polzin, Julia Schönhofen, Olivia Schönhofen, Nazan Eckes, Martin Obermeyr, Manuel Cortez, Frauke Ludowig, Guido Maria Kretschmer, Kena Amoa, Kai Ebel and Milla Wiegand, Thomas Rath, Sandro Rath, Jasmin Schwiers, Thomas Hayo and Jorge Gonzalez, Luca Gadjus, Aleksandra Bechtel, Franziska Knuppe, and Liz Baffoe.
   Düsseldorf Fashion Week sees some 1,000 guests, including celebrities, and was considered by Kare to be an opportunity to show its trend-setting style.
   Bunte holds the awards annually.

Andreas Rentz

Sin-Care: when you’re bad, they’re better

NEWS  by Elyse Glickman/July 22, 2013/23.06

Specialized beauty boutiques like Fred Segal Santa Monica’s NewBeauty shop are stocked with lotions and potions that attack everything that ails us, from sun spots, to wrinkles, to dark under-eye circles. While pretty much every catchy cosmetic line featured at the New Beauty Shop, for example, allows the customer to pick and choose the best formula for her particular beauty needs and perceived flaws, the Australian line Sin Care ( brings in a little bit of mixology.
   The line of Booster Serums, attired in bright boxes with Varga-eque iconography, target specific sins committed by even the most well intentioned beauty fanatics. Once you pick two or three serums, they can be used in a “cocktail” to bring about a changed face. The expert on hand, for example, prescribed the Sun Goddess and the Sleep Doctor formulas based on my concern for the pesky sun spots altering my otherwise decent skin and my crazy sleep habits. She also threw in a travel-sized sample of Party Girl, which she described as a great all-around serum for those nights we have a little too much fun.
   Now available in the US (for about US$80), these serums also feature lovely, subtle fragrances, and some impart a healthy shimmer that enhances foundation and CC and BB creams.
   The NewBeauty shop, based on the groundbreaking beauty magazine, not only displays the Varga girls and their potions seductively, but also feature an unusual “test tubes” section where, for US$30, you can mix and match generous samples of the various products recommended by the magazine’s writers, editors and featured doctors on their pages.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

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The Royal New Zealand Ballet’s anticipated Swan Lake a triumph for its 60th anniversary year

NEWS  by Jack Yan/July 19, 2013/10.24

Ross Martin

The Royal New Zealand Ballet’s most anticipated production of the year, the Vodafone season of Swan Lake, commenced Thursday night at the St James Theatre in Wellington. It’s another triumph for the company, riding high on its 60th anniversary year.
   Choreographed by the legendary Russell Kerr (after Petipa–Ivanov), everything came together on opening night. The NZSO’s performance of the Tchaikovsky score was faultless under the baton of Nigel Gaynor, while principal guest artist Gillian Murphy (as Odette and Odile) showed again a stage presence that captivated with professionalism and grace. Guest artist Karel Cruz of the Pacific Northwest Ballet, dancing the role of Siegfried, was purposeful in his movements while showing an innate beauty. The late Kristian Frederikson’s designs, for the costumes and sets, still captivate since their début in 2007, especially the opulent royal outfits and sets in the castle scenes. John Buswell’s lighting was used to brilliant effect, especially in Act III, where von Rothbart’s trickery is revealed. It’s one ballet from the RNZB that manages to delight and it’s more likely to elicit return visits than many others, in our opinion, not just for the familiar story but for the expertise in its execution on every level.
   It was a pleasure to see the iconic Kerr, New Zealand’s most celebrated choreographer, now 83, join the dancers and Gaynor on stage at the end. While we never saw Kerr’s acclaimed 1996 production of Swan Lake for the RNZB—a year before this publication was founded—it is easy to imagine how even more ground-breaking it was then. And as in 1996, Sir Jon Trimmer had the role of Wolfgang, the Prince’s tutor.
   The Wellington performances were dedicated to the recently deceased theatre pioneer Richard Campion, whose name is on the original trust deed of the New Zealand Ballet Company.
   The Australian Ballet’s principal artist Amber Scott will alternate with Murphy, while New Zealand-born Australian Ballet principal artist Ty King-Wall will alternate with Cruz. The Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Carla Körbes had to withdraw due to an injury.
   The programme revealed a congratulatory note from HRH Prince Charles to the Royal New Zealand Ballet on its 60th anniversary.
   The première of the Vodafone season of Swan Lake will remain at the St James Theatre till July 27, and tours to seven other centres, including Dunedin, Christchurch, Invercargill, Takapuna, Auckland, Palmerston North and Napier, where the season closes on September 1. Full details can be found at the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s website. The Auckland Philharmonia accompanies the RNZB in Auckland performances, while the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra will perform in its home city. Other cities will use a recording of the NZSO’s score, conducted by Nigel Gaynor, recorded at the St James on July 25, 2013.—Jack Yan, Publisher

Lily and Lionel collaborate with Prince Harry’s Sentebale charity on limited-edition scarves

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 15, 2013/14.48

Lily and Lionel have collaborated with Sentebale, the charity helping HIV-positive children in Lesotho founded by HRH Prince Harry, on a collection of new scarves.
   The limited-edition Basotho blanket-inspired scarves retail for £180 each, with 75 per cent of proceeds going to Sentebale. For every scarf bought, Sentebale can send 28 HIV-positive children to a networking club where they can interact with others with the same condition, and get emotional support for their antiretroviral treatment.
   The design has been modelled after Lesotho’s national costume, the Basotho blanket, which is worn by its people to protect themselves from the cold. The mealie (maize) design holds a great importance to the Basotho culture and symbolizes fertility.
   The scarves will be launched at a private viewing of the Sentebale: Stories of Hope exhibition on July 25 at the Getty Images Gallery.
   Alice Stone, creative director of Lily and Lionel, notes that her company has only produced 30 pieces of each of the two designs.
   The collection will be available online from from July 26.

Chris Jackson

Kustom Kulture returns at the Huntington Beach Art Center

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 14, 2013/12.30

Stanley Moss

Lucire had the pleasure of attending tonight’s VIP opening of Kustom Kulture II, presented by the Huntington Beach Art Center, a 20-year anniversary tribute to an original exhibition presented at the Laguna Art Museum in 1993.
   Curated by C. R. Stecyk, Paul Frank and Greg Escalante, the exhibition directs a contemporary look at Kustom car, motorcycle, surf culture and related art from the traditions of Von Dutch, Big Daddy Roth, Robert Williams, Rick Griffin, Basil Wolverton, Margaret Keane, Don Ed Hardy, Billy F. Gibbons and many others.
   Outsider royalty was on hand, including legendary psychedelia dealer Jacaeber Kastor, who posed with Robert Williams, artist Anthony Ausgang and costume designer Alexis Scott, among the luminaries.
   Kudos to VANS, who sponsored the event, which exhibits at the Center through August 31. The limited-edition hand-printed event poster looks like a great opportunity as a collectible.—Stanley Moss, Travel Editor

Stanley Moss

Virgin Atlantic begins trialling Vivienne Westwood-designed uniforms

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 12, 2013/13.38

Virgin Atlantic has begun showing its new uniforms, designed by Vivienne Westwood. Wearer trials began earlier today at airports, Clubhouses and on board Virgin Atlantic aircraft.
   The company says 180 staff, including crew, pilots, ground staff, Clubhouse employees and Virgin Holidays staff will trial the uniform over the next few months, ahead of the full launch in 2014.
   Virgin Atlantic’s existing uniforms are already highly regarded in the industry. Luke Miles, head of design for the airline, says they are ‘some of the most envied’. Change, therefore, is not something the airline takes lightly.
   With Vivienne Westwood designing, the uniforms are expected to remain eye-catching. ‘It’s a challenging design brief but means so much to our staff and customers so we have to make sure we get it right. We’re confident our Vivienne Westwood designs will continue to turn heads in the airport and in the sky,’ says Miles.
   Sustainability and original design were priorities for Dame Vivienne Westwood and Virgin Atlantic’s Sir Richard Branson and marks the beginning of a long-term, innovative collaboration.
   The designs must also work in different climates, from New York in the winter to St Lucia in the summer.
   The trials will ensure the uniforms are comfortable and practical, and allows the airline to gauge staff reaction. Assessment areas are, say the airline, ‘fit, comfort, breathability, ease of movement, creasing before and after the shift, look and feel of the uniform after laundering and how the uniform handles marks and stains.’
   Constant wear-and-tear means that fabrics must be durable, and the colour and finish must be retained over time. Vivienne Westwood has chosen fabric with nano-technology that meets these aims: that regardless of the work done, the uniforms remain pristine.
   All items are developed with Closed Loop Recycling, where worn clothing is turned back into fibres that can be woven into new fabrics.
   Many uniform items use recycled materials, especially recycled polyester yarn made from used plastic bottles.
   Ties and scarves are quick-release for health and safety reasons. Shoes are also part of the consideration: crew walk an average of seven miles on each flight. The shoes must be SATRA- (Shoe and Allied Trade Research Association) tested and approved, and feature a non-slip sole. Male shoes have laces but are designed to be slip-on in case of a slide evacuation.
   Following any exercise in rebranding, the airline has to ensure things work internally before a proper launch that involves an external audience.
   Once the feedback from trial staff is gathered and any changes made, the new uniforms will rolled out to all 7,500 staff globally.
   A Pinterest board is open to the public to examine, at, while public feedback is welcome on Twitter, hashtag #newredthreads.

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