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Sponsored video: V-Energy silences the trolls at V-Hab

Filed by Lucire staff/June 17, 2013/14.08

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V-Energy has a humorous campaign breaking today that blends our wired, social media-savvy culture with the real world—and not necessarily with the right consequences.
   It’s very well timed. The campaign breaks soon after Facebook announced it would begin supporting hashtags, the six-year-old invention that began on Twitter that purported to categorize messages. The hashtag has since been misused, almost to indicate one’s inner thoughts.
   V-Energy’s campaign takes that to a new level, with people venting with hashtags, internet slang (the word pwned is uttered), and trolling—the behaviour of netizens, usually with anonymity, to provoke disagreement. The comments have come from real-life references, including online gaming, Twitter, and YouTube—where plenty of trolling can be found.
   The actors in the new commercial troll, as online behaviours seep in to the real world. V-Energy’s pitch is to ‘silence the trolls’, with the shush-kitten, an online troll antithesis.
   Users are invited to check in to V-Hab, a new website where there are “treatments” for trolling, in the hope that that dark energy can turn into something brighter in real life. V-Hab is what the company describes as an ‘online troll rehabilitation clinic … to diagnose and treat different kinds of online trollisms.’
   The site is actually quite sophisticated: there’s a comment converter built around the film, which can convert negative trolling comments into positive statements. Programmers used Python to build the converter over six weeks and V-Energy believes it could contain ‘the largest database of profanity known to mankind’. It could be an interesting test for all those who have gone to swear words first when receiving a foreign-language dictionary.
   There’s a ‘diagnostic room’ to analyse what kind of troll one is dealing with, while V-Hab also offers a De-troll Your Life browser extension, which uses the comment converter and applies them to other parts of the internet, ‘to help avoid a relapse.’ V-Hab’s ‘troll intervention’ features a Facebook app on which netizens can silence their trolling friends.
   Check out V-Energy’s humorous video below, and check into V-Hab here.

Sponsored by V-Energy

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