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The sweet smells of the Body Shop this winter: thinking big and raspberry fare

Filed by Lucire staff/June 11, 2014/22.55

One indisputable thing about the Body Shop’s products is that the scents are delectable. This month’s jumbo-sized shower gel (750 ml, available in strawberry, moringa, olive, satsuma or pink grapefruit, retailing at NZ$36·50) and body butter (300 ml, in shea, mango, coconut, olive, strawberry or moringa, NZ$41·50) are incredible, value-for-money ways to get your favourite products from the Body Shop in an extra-large package. In stores now, the Body Shop cheekily included a promotional graphic (below) to make sure that we would notice and tell you about their latest specials.
   No such trickery was needed with its raspberry body collection (top), in stores from July 14 in New Zealand. But the scent—smelling of real raspberries—won us over. The Body Shop sources early-harvest raspberries, as this preserves their skin-boosting antioxidants, and they have been put into a range comprising body butter (200 ml, NZ$36), shower gel (200 ml, NZ$16), body lotion (250 ml, NZ$24·50), eau de toilette (30 ml, NZ$32) and body scrub (200 ml, NZ$34·75).
   We sampled the eau de toilette first, with its Ecuadorian Community Fair Trade alcohol, to get into the raspberry mood: it’s a sweet, pleasant, and, of course, fruity scent. That was a prelude to the body scrub, which exfoliates with its fruit extract and real seeds. Even the Body Shop says it has a ‘jam texture’: it’s not an inaccurate description and it does look good enough to eat.
   Finally, the body butter has a lovely, soft texture and helps hydrate skin while leaving you feeling pampered.
   The Body Shop will also retail its vineyard peach line in New Zealand from July 14, with the body butter, shower gel, body scrub and body lotion, priced as with the early-harvest raspberry range.

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