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The Eco-Luxe Suite: a penthouse with a view

Filed by Elyse Glickman/September 1, 2014/14.31

Debbie Durkin’s Eco-Luxe Suite at the Beverly Hilton, Hollywood’s go-to property for all civilized award show shindigs, truly lived up to its name and purpose, offering up an engaging range of products and equally impressive inventors or coordinators. Also moving was the fact that the focus charity was Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, whose programmes encompass community-based mentoring, school-based mentoring and vocational programmes for children and teens in need of positive role models. The organization also matches the right mentors to the right kids and teens down to a science with thorough application and interview procedures.
   Immediately after our arrival, we were greeted by Bill Schultz and his associate promoting his company, AlignMed. While the shirts they were distributing to guests looked like sleek, high-end fitness-wear, it’s what we didn’t see that makes this line special. They sporty way it is sewn actually helps the wearer self-correct posture and back issues. Another design in the collection helps spinal curvature at night while the wearer sleeps or works on the computer, when the spine is most vulnerable, according to Schultz.
   On the more formal end, we were quite impressed with the men’s ties and women’s couture dress selection displayed by Chicago-based Mark Roscoe. Every dress on the rack, perhaps not by accident, seemed to evoke different eras and different television shows up for nomination (e.g. silk brocades of the Mad Men era; the gauzy beaded bias cut flapper dresses of Downton Abbey; a special, sexy mermaid gown that would be as fabulous on a womanly form as it would be on Mitzi Gaynor or Jane Russell in their ’50s prime). Roscoe and his team welcome clients of all shapes and sizes, which is refreshing to hear, especially as not every designer can create something special for women with curves.
   Serengeti showed off its forthcoming collection as well as raising funds and awareness for a US veteran’s organization. The styles, in contrast to other collections, were timeless and clean, as well as wearably lightweight, yet substantial and flexible. The Isola and Sophia frames were our favourites, but you really could not go wrong with many of the wire, wire–plastic hybrid or plastic lenses crafted with photochromic technology.
   We love products that multitask, and Kellyann Novak, creator of Youth Eternal serum, immediately had us at “hello” and (her tagline), ‘You don’t have to lie about your age—your skin will do that for you.’ The Vegas-based entrepreneur (who can ship her product internationally), takes pride in the fact that her potion is made up of 24 essential oils that work equally well for daytime under-make-up primer moisturizing and night-time rejuvenation. She also mentions it can be used to take off make-up and remedy stretch marks and discolouration, and soothe redness. It smells like an herb garden with sage, lavender and rosemary. It’s a perfume, too! What it doesn’t have are preservatives or artificial emulsifiers.
   OC Hair and Makeup not only touches up celebrities and media at fabulous events like Durkin’s gatherings, but also makes house calls. While founder Stacy Mealin worked the celebrity crowd, Bridget Hight offered us some touch-ups and tips. She suggested bringing your highlighter or concealer up to the temples to make eyes more prominent and reduce the appearance of dark circles. If your concealer looks too light, pat on some slightly darker foundation powder for a customized look—but never use a concealer that’s the same skin tone. The company is also good with body make-up to conceal scars, and blemishes on arms and legs.
   Across the way, J. André introduced her line of hypoallergenic, Latex-free make-up applicator sponges and puffs packaged in sensual lotus-print boxes. She also demonstrated Natural Vibe, a vibrating applicator that stimulates collagen and elasticity during use as well as helping create a pore-free appearance.
   Guys in attendance truly appreciated the fact that Fresh Body’s Fresh Balls product was very self-explanatory and got right to the bottom of a man’s problem with pesky chafing, itching and sweating. Other Fresh Body products on the horizon include Fresh Pits for men as well as women’s personal hygene products for the “other down under”.
   Jiff the Dog, the teddy bear-like canine (who appeared at the Teen Choice Awards) and other celebrity dogs were also treated to fine luxury gear ranging from blankees and bedding from Baylee Nasco to customizable the Rein Coat pet harness for dogs of all sizes, to Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar Holistic pet food.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor, and Leyla Messian, Los Angeles Correspondent

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