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Annick Goutal invites you to experience la dolce vita with limited-edition fragrances

Filed by Lola Cristall/August 8, 2016/13.28

Luxury perfumer Annick Goutal recently launched a limited-edition collection entitled Dolce Vita. The lush ingredients create grand scents reminiscent of European glamour. The sensational aromas take one on a trip to a romantic Italy. The founder’s daughter, Camille Goutal, continues to successfully ensure her mother’s legacy, collaborating with French DJ Cécile Togni to create the Dolce Vita collection. Togni’s talent in the music world made her a national sensation: she is known for blending the beauty of fashion with the charm of music. The collection is comprised of three distinctly delectable scents, with each box designed in accordance to Italian sensibilities. Eau d’Hadrien is a compilation of vivacious citrus fruits such as grapefruit, Sicilian lemon, green mandarin and citron, presented in a beautifully simple yellow bottle bright as the Mediterranean sun. The blue bottle, evoking the vast Mediterranean sea, contains the stunning scent of Eau du Sud. A mix of Persian lime, verbena, mandarin and bergamot transmits a powerfully pleasant scent. Ninfeo Mio, presented in a green bottle to represent the enchanting Garden of Ninfa in Italy, is a sophisticated mélange of Sicilian lemon, bitter orange, galbanaum, lemon wood, citron and figs, marrying woody aroma with fruits. The scents are invigorating and rejuvenating.—Lola Cristall, Paris editor

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