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Sponsored video: Unwind and just “be” in Okinawa

NEWS Okinawa has everything for the traveller seeking tranquillity and an escape from everyday life
Filed by Lucire staff/December 11, 2017/22.10

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When we talk about ‘going on holiday’, we often want to tune out where there’s tranquillity, away from the rat-race and anything that reminds us of the stresses of daily life. Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture of Japan, sees itself as one of those places where you can get away from it all, and get ‘life medicine’, or nuchigusui, being mindful, spiritually fulfilled, and physically well.
   Okinawa is formed with hundreds of islands away from Japan’s main ones, and society there moves at a more peaceful pace. There are still plenty that are uninhabited, and as a result you can see the night sky clearly. There are beaches on these uninhabited locations, ideal for sunbathing or snorkelling, and Okinawa has coral reefs to admire.
   There’s Katsuren Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where there are yoga classes, and Yambaru National Park, with its lush vegetation and walking paths within. And Okinawa’s capital, Naha, has the Shikinaen Royal Gardens, also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Those wanting to kayak can head north of Naha to Nirai Beach. Nearly a fifth of the total land area of Okinawa has been designated a national park.
   And where better to learn karate than where it began? Okinawa Karate Kaikan is where those interested can learn and participate. And if you want to explore history, Kudaka is where the ancient Ryukyu people introduced rice and wheat; Sefa-utaki is one of the most sacred places in the prefecture, renowned for being spiritual and healing.
   So much here is geared to healing and rejuvenating—and we should be thankful that Okinawa has remained unspoiled, off the usual travel radars. Being further south the weather’s warmer and milder, too: it’s a pleasant 18°C at the time of writing. It’s a place where you can just “be”.

Post sponsored by the Okinawa Prefecture Government

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