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Valmont’s Venetian voyage of the senses

NEWS Valmont recently revealed to Stateside audiences its tantalizing perfume collection, Le Storie Veneziane, which goes on sale there later this year. Lola Cristall examines the new quintet
Filed by Lola Cristall/April 30, 2018/13.17

Above, from top: Valmont’s Le Storie Veneziane Blu Cobalto I, 100 ml. Rosso I, 100 ml. Verde Erba I, 100 ml.

Valmont recently revealed its tantalizing perfume collection, Le Storie Veneziane, which it dubs ‘olfactive high jewellery’. Inspired by the enticing city of Venezia, the creations are enhanced with a seductive beauty and Valmont’s dazzling opulence. The elegance of the flaçons, the sophistication of the designs and the uplifting fragrances take one on a journey of a lifetime. Sophie and Didier Guillon, owners of the Valmont, revive and re-create the romance of Venetian neighbourhoods and surroundings.
   Le Storie Veneziane features five distinct designs. The creative leather caps and artistic, hand-blown Murano glass masks, meticulously designed by master glass-maker Leonardo Cimonlin, highlight the glamour and grandeur that the brand is known for. After connecting through touch, each scent brings Venezia to life. Five distinct destinations throughout Venezia have been chosen, conveying their ĂŠsthetics and aroma through each scent.
   The Verde Erba I recreates the fragility and allure of Pontile Sant’Elena, with the glamorous essence of papyrus, syringa and vanilla. The Alessandrite I is reminiscent of L’Arsenale, with a whiff of bergamot, a dab of jasmine and notes of aldehydes for a soft, creative and sophisticated touch. From L’Arsenale, we arrive at San Francesco della Vigna with Rosso I, a powerful scent with a bouquet of spicy pink berries, the oriental touch of oud and the fragility of Damask rose, truly awakening the senses. We move onto Dorsoduro that introduces the sensual scent of Gaggia Medio I. This refreshing creation includes sweet sandalwood, citrusy and spicy cardamom as well as amber.
   After four different and memorable destinations, we reach Campo San MoisĂš with the attractive aroma of Blu Cobalto I. The passionate scent is derived from woody patchouli of Malacca with a whirl of chocolatey pure cocoa extract as well as opoponax, which leads on to the fresh aroma of vanilla and amber. Each item in the Le Storie Veneziane range either comes in a luxurious, all-leather, travel spray (8·5 ml) or a large extravagant bottle (100 ml) with a uniquely designed Murano glass mask serving as the centre of attention.—Lola Cristall, Paris Editor

Above, from top: Valmont’s Le Storie Veneziane Alessandrite I, 100 ml. Gaggia Medio I, 100 ml.

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