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Laurèl celebrates female artists and new collection, with Natalia Avelon, Nadine Warmuth and Sarah Alles

NEWS Laurèl and the Berlin chapter of the Her women’s network teamed up at the Art Perspectives Pop-up Gallery, which runs exhibitions celebrating female artists
Filed by Lucire staff/April 29, 2019/19.06

Chiara Bonetti

German fashion label Laurèl and the Her Berlin women’s network teamed up on a ladies’ brunch at the Art Perspectives Pop-up Gallery to celebrate the art of Beatriz Morales, Fette Sans, Leila Pazooki, Tomoko Mori and Romana Londi. Laurèl also presented its autumn–winter 2019–20 collection’s theme, Her Story (see Lucire KSA May 2019).
   The new collection is about the uunique inner beauty of each woman, including her values, dreams and discoveries. ‘We long for identity, otherness, depth and authenticity,’ said Elisabeth Schwaiger, Laurèl’s head of design.
   The brunch brought together women from art, fashion and entrepreneurship, including actresses Natalia Avelon, Nadine Warmuth and Sarah Alles, bloggers Masha Sedgwick and Jessie Weiß, and entrepreneurs Franziska von Hardenberg and Andrea Bury. Catering was provided by Loumi Dining.
   The gallery is currently running an exhibition, Foreign Affairs, until May 12, which features the five artists.

Chiara Bonetti

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