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July 6, 2015

Soo Joo Park fronts Mimco’s Atomic Ranger campaign

Lucire staff/1.24

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Christian Blanchard

Mimco has chosen 29-year-old model Soo Joo Park as the face of its latest campaign.
   The Australian accessories’ brand’s Atomic Ranger campaign was shot in Melbourne in May by Christian Blanchard, right after Park had appeared on the Chanel catwalk.
   Park, who has been gaining greater attention in the last few years, became a L’OrĂ©al Paris ambassador earlier this year, the first Asian-American to be appointed to a global campaign for the French cosmetics’ giant. She has also represented Chanel and Tom Ford.
   With Mimco, she joins a diverse group of women, including Ajak Deng, Holly Rose Emery, Paris Roberts, Jessica Gomes and Alice Burdeu.
   Mimco managing and creative director Cathryn Wills noted in a release, ‘Mimco believes in women in all their individuality, their strength and their ability to lead, inspire, nurture and educate. Soo Joo Park was a perfect brand fit, who celebrates these values and traits.’

Christian Blanchard

June 9, 2015

Michael Beel wins New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year with Oriental Bloom collection

Fenella Clarke/4.13

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Wellington-based hairdresser Michael Beel has won New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year at Sydney’s Hair Expo, thought of as the “Oscars of hairdressing” in some circles, last night.
   The winning collection, named Oriental Bloom, was inspired by orchids, the work of Georgia O’Keeffe and the glamour of 1930s Shanghai. Beel also wanted the collection to be all about sculptural hair. This was the fifth time he entered, realizing a life-long ambition to get the top accolade. In previous years, Beel won the Educator of the Year award in 2013 and Industry Hairdresser of the Year in 2014.
   Beel started working at a hair salon in Dunedin for extra cash before started his apprenticeship. He then moved to Wellington to finish it. For the last 13 years, Beel has been working at Buoy Hairdressing, and is now the creative director of the salon. He is an educator for both GHD and L’OrĂ©al Professionnel, and his work has featured in numerous fashion magazines, including Lucire.
   His winning collection was styled by Dan Ahwa, photographed by Jessica Sim, with make-up by Kiekie Stanners from MAC.—Fenella Clarke

Pro surfing champion Sally Fitzgibbons becomes the new face of Piping Hot

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Via Sally Fitzgibbons

Courtesy Piping Hot

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Australian fashion and lifestyle brand Piping Hot, with its surf-wear heritage, has announced Sally Fitzgibbons as its new ambassador.
   Fitzgibbons, the new Fiji Pro champion, will appear in the company’s upcoming marketing campaigns.
   She had previously been the youngest World Surfing Tour qualifier in its history in 2008, the youngest surfer to win an Association of Surfing Professionals Pro Junior title at 14, and the first winner of the Australian Open of Surfing. She has won numerous surfing competitions around the world, and her next goal is to win a world champion title.
   â€˜It was important to partner with a brand that shares my passion for surf, health, fitness and an active outdoor lifestyle, and I am really excited about the brand’s potential, both in Australia and around the world,’ said Fitzgibbons in a release.
   Piping Hot has an exclusive retail agreement with Target Australia, including T-shirts, surfboards, swimwear, footwear, beach towels and head wear.
   â€˜Sally will bring a fresh integrity to the brand that we know our customers will love, adding to the already long-standing and positive relationship between Piping Hot and Target,’ said Gillian Ridley Whittle, Director of Womenswear, Lingerie, Footwear and Accessories at Target Australia.

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April 24, 2015

Jacob’s Creek introduces Double Barrel range—red wines aged in whisky barrels—in New Zealand

Lucire staff/22.03

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Jacob’s Creek’s new Double Barrel range has made it across the Tasman, with Kiwis now able to sample chief winemaker Bernard Hickin’s successful concept of finishing wine in aged whisk(e)y barrels, the reverse of ageing whisky in old wine barrels. He believes that this hasn’t been done before, and the company has opted to use Scotch whisky and Irish whiskey barrels that had held their contents for up to 20 years.
   â€˜I wanted to express the character of the whisky barrel but not make it taste like whisky. I figured that, if you wanted something to taste like whisky, you would drink a whisky,’ says Hickin.
   They begin their ageing in traditional French and American oak wine barrels first before being transferred to the whisk(e)y ones, hence the name.
   As far as we can tell, he’s succeeded. The 2012 first vintage Barossa shiraz, finished in Scotch barrels, is smoother while the 2012 first vintage Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon, in the Irish whiskey ones, has a stronger aroma.
   The process has taken Jacob’s Creek two years to perfect, says the company.
   Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel goes on sale at leading liquor retailers throughout New Zealand from May 2015, priced at NZ$24·99.

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April 16, 2015

News in brief: Christina Perriam returns to ID; Preciosa, Johny Dar collaborate; Nana Judy’s pre-Coachella do

Lucire staff/14.26

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Camilla Rutherford

Perriam, the luxury merino label from Christina Perriam, will show at ID Dunedin Fashion Week next week. The event begins on April 18 and runs to April 26. The last time she showed was under the Christina Perriam label in 2002.
   Her autumn–winter 2015 collection is structured and edgy, using New Zealand-sourced merino wool mixed with other fabrics and textiles, including merino leather. ‘It’s an amazing texture that you simply don’t find in deer pelts. When you look at a merino sheep, their skin is so wrinkly and that’s why the texture of the leather is really interesting,’ says Perriam.
   Preciosa, the Czech crystal brand HQed in the famed town of Jablonec nad Nisou, has collaborated with Ohio-born designer Johny Dar, known for his extravagant art, on a work called The Queen of Pearls. The sculpture features Preciosa crystals and took Dar 300 hours to complete. The company says it has been valued at €927,000.
   Finally, we learn that one of the “pre-parties” for Coachella, on April 9, was hosted by Australian streetwear label Nana Judy, partnering with One Oak nightclub, Tinder, and Up and Down, at the ChĂąteau at Lake La Quinta. Celebrity names attending included Joe Jonas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Henderson, Kendall Jenner, skateboarder Corbin Harris and model–blogger Mimi Elashiry.

April 9, 2015

Specsavers identifies trends for autumn–winter 2015

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Specsavers has identified six trends for autumn–winter 2015, endorsed by its Sydney style ambassador, General Pants Co.’s Pip Edwards.
   Taking the Pantone report for the year, the marsala colour is in; as are grey and blue (including aquamarine, navy and azure); bold, graphic shapes; the return of the aviator styles; and transparent glasses.
   While the retailer will launch items from Osiris Eyewear, Tommy Hilfiger and Puma this season, they also offer their own designs.
   Some of the “in” styles for each of Specsavers’ trends are shown below.
   Edwards was named a Specsavers ambassador in mid-2014.

Osiris Brontë, NZ$369 for two pairs; Pentax single vision lenses included

Alfa, NZ$119 for one pair; Pentax single vision lenses included

TH 75, NZ$459 for two pairs; Pentax single vision lenses included

Osiris Gino, NZ$369 for two pairs; Pentax single vision lenses included

Osiris Luigi, NZ$369 for two pairs; Pentax single vision lenses included

Player, NZ$169 for two pairs; Pentax single vision lenses included

February 23, 2015

Sponsored video: Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Dan Single help reinvent Impulse for the mid-2010s

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A Lucire special promotion

‘If a man suddenly gives you flowers, that’s Impulse,’ has been one of the most famous catch-phrases of the last generation, since FabergĂ© introduced it in South Africa in the 1970s. Variations on the theme have come and gone, and in 2015, Impulse moves to a new generation with Bambi Northwood-Blyth—one of Lucire’s newsmakers of 2013—and her husband Dan Single, formerly of Ksubi, fronting its latest campaign.
   Northwood-Blyth has been securing campaigns, including fashion label Ba&Sh, because she somehow taps into the Zeitgeist. She also has her own fashion line, B.BAM, and her sense of style and levity have made her more real and endearing to her fans. At Impulse, she joins former Lucire cover girl Zippora Seven and Erin Heatherton and was even placed in charge of the brand’s Instagram for one week.
   The new video, which broke for Valentine’s Day, is not just about the day itself, but embracing love, life and friendship every day. It’s unusual in featuring a real-life married couple who are very much in love, and Northwood-Blyth’s popularity among fashion cognoscenti, plus her social media following, bring it right into the mid-2010s. Gone is the “flowers” theme in favour of the couple on a getaway, and emphasizing that true love isn’t just about that initial “impulse” that drove the original, and perhaps dated advertising. It’s about a real partnership between a couple, in everything they do.
   Like Northwood-Blyth’s other appearances, there is a genuine feel to it, even though the Impulse campaign is more stylized than her own social media, which have shown more behind-the-scenes material. It’s bound to earn her even more fans, while helping to reinvent Impulse as less fanciful, and more part of a real, lasting, romance.

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February 8, 2015

Red Carpet Events LA’s 2015 Grammy suites: everyday luxuries get real

Elyse Glickman/22.25

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Elyse Glickman

Red Carpet Events LA

While the products and inventions featured at Grammy pre-award parties tend to focus more on fun and funky in comparison to offerings at Golden Globe, Emmy and Oscar events, leave it to Roger Zamudio and his Red Carpet Events LA to create an experience that is as earthy and real as it is upscale.
   Celebrities on hand included 2015 Grammy nominees Antonique Smith, Adam Ellison, Charlotte Huggins, Jason Rabinowitz, Jo-El Sonnier, Manny Marroquin, Mindi Abair, Stephen Trask, Adam Ellison, Nimrod Antal, the Order, and Palo as well as actors Sean Kanan and Kelly Perine.
   The benefiting charity was the Los Angeles-based African Millennium Foundation (AMF), whose mission is to eliminate and mitigate poverty, hunger and disease in African countries by assisting African women and children with attaining the necessary tools for achieving self-sufficiency. The strategic non-profit and non-governmental organization got word to attendants about their commitment to the social and economic empowerment of African women and their families. It is especially fitting that was one of the main attractions and sponsors of the Grammy get-together.
   The event returned to the W Hotel Westwood in West Los Angeles, a little bit away from the fray, with a cozy courtyard setting with interesting innovations and inventors from the US, Germany and Canada—many of them affordable. One thing that was most welcome was ice-cold Zico coconut water in natural and chocolate flavours, given a spring-like spike in the temperature. Returning vendors included down-to-earth wellness purveyors Nuwati Herbals and Tikkun Holistic Spa (on hand to show off their expanded line of made-in-LA Karen’s Products by Karen Chae). Even pampered cats and dogs got a little something: savoury snacks from I and Love and You (whose cat treats had Lucire contributor Leyla Messian’s cats standing up and singing for their supper).
   As this was a pre-award show event, there had to be a couture purveyor on hand to dress VIP women. That firm was Clarisse, Inc., whose designs did not skimp on pomp or circumstance. The guys, meanwhile, could bask in the glow of a 641-horsepower McLaren 650S at the door of the W Hotel Westwood. The state-of-the-art supercar—with its brand’s New Zealand heritage—employs motorsports technology and over 50 years of racing know-how to deliver the fastest, most dynamic and most efficient specimen of its kind on the market. Grammy nominees and presenters got a charge out of a speed test drive.
   In contrast, most of the fashion and beauty offerings were quite approachable. Several of them even had their key designers or creators on-site. These included Canada-based costume jewellery line Artizan by Robin Barre, Geek Eyewear by Alena Lehrer, Sweet North Babe handbags and accessories by Yvonne Begemann, and the founders of the Java Coffee Infused Skincare collection, made with coffee as the main ingredient.
   There were also very lavish hair care products from Arganesse and salon line Jonathan Product, which is under new ownership and features a new range of goods. Victoria Duke featured her new make-up setting spray. The crew from Joy and Mario espadrilles were back with a new collection that includes fashion forward high black canvas wedges as well as a seriously cool leopard spot design available in April. Even with that, the stock cleared out quite early in the event.
   Some of the best things at the suite, meanwhile, could be found in the take-home bags, which were closed tightly to ensure we would wait to open them at home. Goodies included a full collection of Hipsy hair bands (which stay in place even temperamental hair textures like mine and Leyla’s), Pretty Woman nail polish and a certificate for a pair of Australia-based Octavia shoes. I was particularly intrigued as I noticed the line was small and quite specific, focused on very traditional New York basic, sling-back pumps and fashion-forward Versailles and Osaka variations with wedge heels.
   Elizabeth Zielinski, creative director and founder, who has worked with Red Carpet Events previously, notes that while celebrities and professional women want styles that complement their individual look, the primary emphasis is on quality materials and comfort, especially with the wedge designs. These are brought to life by a fourth-generation shoemaker family in the countryside of Guangzhou who Zielinsky says demonstrates traditional skill and art form with exquisite attention to detail.
   â€˜Our focus is to celebrate women and share their excitement for life, people and fashion,’ she says. ‘We are very proud supporters of Care Australia, where $5 from every pair of shoes sold from the website goes to supporting social and economic empowerment. Care is an international humanitarian aid organization fighting global poverty, with a special focus on working with women and girls to bring about lasting change to their communities,’ right in line with the charities Red Carpet Events LA supports.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

Elyse Glickman

Red Carpet Events LA

Elyse Glickman

Red Carpet Events LA; above right by Elyse Glickman

Red Carpet Events LA

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