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March 7, 2015

Top of the world and top of the Beverly Hilton: the TMG luxury suite

Elyse Glickman/12.20

After we experienced TMG’s 11th Annual Beauty & Style Destination Pre-Oscar Lounge it was no surprise that the polite, professional but exacting young ladies standing at various hotel check points wanted to be sure guests were on the list for this primp-and-prep focused suite. This hot invitation not only promised the select group of celebs and press a variety of wonderful services, interesting new beauty products and great views of Los Angeles, but also fantastic company. The people administering brow services, manicures, massages and hair styling were absolutely delightful.
   Skinny Girl provided the snacks and libations (loved the Thai-spiced tortilla chips!), while Shapes, a Southern California brown threading salon chain had the main stage. Their artistry with brow shaping and make-up touch ups were fantastic (we are regular paying customers at their Sherman Oaks branch and can attest to their consistently excellent work), but the roll-out of their new Reema make-up line really got our attention, not only with their lovely colours but easy-on-just-threaded-skin formulas. The collection includes eye shadows and liners (naturally!) along with lipsticks, blushes, glosses and other necessities. IT Hair Care’s rep, meanwhile, was distributing the multi-tasking twelve-in-one styling solution, while we had our tresses tamed with other products in the line.
   On the new age-y end of things, guests could try a mini-stress reduction treatment with Miracle Wands. On the practical (and just plain cool) end, we were impressed with ExoFab, a protective case for Iphone 6 and Samsung smartphones that also sticks to mirrors and other surfaces, making selfies a breeze and more discreet to boot. Children lucky enough to attend with their A-list parents could be the first among their friends to receive the new 35th aAnniversary edition of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends, their cutesy ’80s rag doll æsthetic replaced with a more glamorous (but age-appropriate) face and fashion sense. Celebrity babies, meanwhile, could luxuriate in a crib bedecked with Horse & Dragon organic baby linens (as the founder’s son did in his compelling test drive of the products).
   If you had the patience to keep moving from one suite to another, you would be treated to a marvellous display of Onirikka’s striking and stunning silver, gold and semi-precious stone laden fine jewellery crafted in New York with influences from El Salvador artists and a wonderfully fragrant spa offering treatments and takeaways from Matis Paris and Academie Paris Skin Care along with very conscientious practitioners providing thorough instructions on how to use those products correctly.
   Celebrities on hand for this very “suite” afternoon of beauty and friendly faces included Grace Gealey and Katie Doubleday from the Fox series Empire, Sherry Saum (The Fosters), Neil Jackson (Sleepy Hollow), Oscar nominee Dennis Liddiards (best hair and make-up, Foxcatcher), Steven Bauer (Scarface), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Rosi Blasi, and Frances Hannon (Oscar nominee and winner for best hair and make-up in The Grand Budapest Hotel).—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor, and Leyla Messian, Correspondent

March 5, 2015

Truly, madly and deeply WOWed at the Luxe Hotel

Elyse Glickman/10.21

When we arrived at the WOW Creations Celebrity Gifting Suite at the Luxe Hotel Beverly Hills and checked in (and handed a particularly delicious box of chocolates), Matthew and Mark Harris took particular pride in telling us that they do their suites just a bit differently from their competitors. It’s as much about the friendly, relaxed tone they set as it is about the right mix of sponsors and innovative products.
   We have to say the real stars of the show, as the intrepid twin impresarios promised, were the entrepreneurs and inventors. As we sipped on Five Wives Vodka’s decadent vanilla custard flavour and Donkey Piss Tequila (don’t let the name fool you—it’s premium stuff and makes a solid margarita) and snacked on Pop chips, Confetti sweets, new flavours of Cottage Kitchen crackers and Sarah’s Skinny Sweets, we found ourselves very inspired about the products we were surrounded with. We were looking forward to trying out the Ponderosa coffee, whose aroma alone gave us a welcome jolt of energy, as well as dried fruits and preserves from Burkhart Organics. It was also nice to receive several boxed of Daily Body Restore Probiotics, created by a woman-owned company.
   Inspyered Creations does a most timely and accessible spin on the steampunk æsthetic, upcycling the remains of watches and other elements in to impressively graceful cufflinks, necklaces, rings and earrings. Manitoba-born artist Meagan Brown’s designs are informed by her 100-year-old childhood home, which imbued her with a reverence for antiques and a desire to create a line where no two pieces are the same.
   Beverly Hills-based Gem Mountain Studios, meanwhile, bridges the gap between fine jewellery and wearable wire-wrapping style. In the hands of designing brothers Isaac and Baruch Kaufman, rare coins, minerals, stones and precious gems are shaped into sterling silver and 14 ct gold musically inspired shapes. Fans include Jack Black, Geena Davis, Jason Alexander, EDM DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold, Jason Isaacs, and Kiwi Daniel Logan. The collection, exclusively made in-house, run the gamut from everyday pieces to investment estate pieces and can be found at their Beverly Hills boutique and website.
   Beautiful and environmentally friendly accents for the home included deliciously plush hand towel sets from Grande Maison Linens, richly aromatic candles and long-lasting wax from Rosalinde Blake, to Bedol Water Clocks’ candy-coloured table and wall clocks whose digital mechanisms are powered by water (via ionization). Artist Sonya Paz added a wonderful swath of colour to the day with watches and business card cases emblazoned with her lively prints. IndieExhibit, an independent collective of artists and creators, was back with a new assortment of artistic creations running the gamut from jewellery and art prints to kitchen hand towels with zany cat prints and decorative ceramics.
   Innovative skin care abounded, and we were introduced to RX Clinical, Pure Premium Karite Butter, Under the Sun Shampoo, and EMK Beverly Hills plant placenta-based skin care. The best beauty tip of the Oscar season was dispensed by the rep from Rx Clinical while discussing their new cleanser: always wash off your make-up, as one night of sleeping in it ages you seven days.
   With swimwear season around the corner in southern California, Neha Assar provided charming and tasteful temporary body art ideas for those who dare to take their fashion statements beyond jewellery. We love their tag line (‘Life is too short not to wear gold’), and think these will look very good paired with tanned skin and a pearl bracelet, or a lightweight button-down shirt and faded jeans. While a gel called Non F Monster by McCoy promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as alleviate stressed muscles, the fact that it is first Japanese company to be featured at the Cannes Film Festival is pretty interesting.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor, and Leyla Messian, Correspondent

February 27, 2015

Debbie does glamping

Elyse Glickman/12.38

Igor Spektor

In a very friendly, relaxed and airy Stardust Penthouse atop the Beverly Hilton, guests of Debbie Durkin’s 2015 edition of the Eco Luxe Oscar Style Lounge could receive posh perk-ups, including blow-drys, organic spray tans and make-up touch-ups by OC Hair & Makeup. Celebrity pets were treated to eco-friendly goodies from Canadog and other vendors.
   Choices Recovery was the very timely charitable focus of the event, and reps from the organization were on hand to educate and raise awareness of the options that exist for those struggling with substance abuse. To set the mood, Durkin’s team joined forces with innovative company Under Canvas, known for its retreat packages to such healing destinations in the US as Moab, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. The hotel penthouse was transformed into a glamorous camping-style escape (hence ‘glamping’) with stylish hunting lodge-chic décor. Élan Event Rentals, LBPS Events and Frances Lynn Creative Florals provided beautiful assistance in setting the mood for both the day- and night-time festivities (hosted by Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Gretchen Christine Rossi and Chris Booker of AMP Radio).
   Attendees included nominees and winners from the crews of films such as American Sniper, The Theory of Everything, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hobbit and Whiplash. They included Ben Wilkins (Oscar winner, Whiplash, for best sound mixing), Elise Robertson (Oscar nominee, American Sniper), Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou (Oscar nominee, Guardians of the Galaxy, for make-up and hairstyling), Jason Canovas (Oscar nominee, The Hobbit, for sound editing), Lisa Bruce (producer of The Theory of Everything), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), philanthropist Nancy Davis (Race to Erase MS), Carolyn Hennesy (Revenge), Ken Davitian (Borat), Christian Oliver (Alarm für Cobra 11: die Autobahnpolizei), Amanda Adrienne, Claudia Wells, Kelly Perine, Jillian Murray, Craig Scime, Cassandra Michaels, Daisy Jacobs, Suzan Brittan, Adina Porter, May Wang, Andrea Bogart, and our friends Donna Spangler and Richie Benveniste.
   Daytime guests stopped by for make-up, spray tans and hair touch-ups from nationwide mobile company OC Hair & Make-up, stocked up on pet gear from CanaDog and KD Pet Protector, and canine babysitting services from Gardena-based Camp Run-a-Mutt. VIPs left with gift bags containing gift certificates for dog collars by Let There Be Collars and complimentary services at Animal Healing & Wellness. Humans got certificates for free candles at Sugar Mint Candle Co. and complimentary sessions at Body & Brain Yoga in Burbank.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor, and Leyla Messian, LA Correspondent

Igor Spektor

Israel David Groveman

February 26, 2015

All in good taste: the Secret Room’s 2015 Oscar lounge

Elyse Glickman/5.40

Depending on how you see it, an Oscar event staged in a small courtyard and an adjoining room can either read as “exclusive”, “intimate” or “scaled down”. While the roving day spa-and-boutique complexes staged on sprawling estates of 2005 have found their place in Hollywood lore, in 2015, they are pretty much replaced with self-contained pocket-sized lounges whose live vendors support the theme of an event’s charity of choice. And sometimes, less really can be more.
   This go round, Rita Branch and Amy Boatwright’s Secret Room Beauty Bar & Luxury Lounge trumpeted the organization Fashionomics Live!, which offers high school students an engaging career exploring process behind the scenes at businesses and events. The group’s Tour Stop and Pop-Up internship programme helps students embrace the process of exploring multiple professions and careers in fashion and other industries with the intention of helping them become better prepared for their college years.
   Tony & Guy took over one corner of the W Hotel Westwood’s courtyard (where Red Carpet Events staged their pre-Grammy celebration), treating VIPs to with spa, beauty, massage and hair services, while those waiting could sip on new branded coffees from Guy Fieri and the Cake Boss and snack on decadent ice-cream-flavoured yoghurt from German company Müller or sip BrainToniq energy drinks. was also on hand to provide a perspective on the unique things that made the guests (literally) what they are today.
   After those nifty touch-ups press and celebrities could stock up on fat blockers by Calorease, vitamin gummies from Fiber Choice for immunity and metabolism boosts, heartburn relief from Gutsy Chewy, brow boosters from Revitalash, and fantastic wine from Argentine and Chilean producers. Silver Jewelry by Night Fox by Kate Finley was the fashion highlight of the event, with its rough hewn elegance offset by semiprecious and precious stones. Kate’s pieces are hand-crafted from recycled sterling silver and gold using techniques such as Torch fusion (connecting metal without solder) reticulation (surface of the metal is heated to melting point and then quickly cooled) and lost wax casting.
   Bags reserved exclusively for celebrity guests included vouchers for vacations at some of the world’s great resorts (including Anantara, Waiakea, Old Bahama Bay, West Glow Resort & Spa and the Aria Hotel in Budapest) as well as fashion and accessories from LeTarte, Elizabeth Jane, Huit, Paula Callejas and Uzurii Swarovski-encrusted flip-flops.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

Above Night Fox by Kate Finley was the jewellery stand-out at the Oscar edition of the Secret Room Beauty Bar & Luxury Lounge this year.

February 19, 2015

To the Oscars with love: Doris Bergman’s 2015 Valentine Romance style lounge

Elyse Glickman/11.54

KVR Creative/courtesy Doris Bergman

Even if seasoned Hollywood PR pro and impresario Doris Bergman asks for feedback on her events, the truth is that with her Oscar-Valentine and Emmy events, she consistently “knocks them out of the park” (as we say in the baseball-crazy USA). Once again, West Hollywood’s Fig & Olive restaurant played host to the Seventh Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party, and the vibe was friendly, appetizing (lots of fresh-from-the-oven goodies from F&O’s kitchen) and quite stylish for both the celebrities and attending press.
   Seven, however, proved to be particularly charming for Doris, not only with her mix of guests and products, but also lots of surprises. While her roster of talent (including Rosa Blasi, Sofia Milos, Deidre Hall, James Kyson Lee, Lisa Vidal, Lisa Ann Walter, Kelsey Scott, Carolyn Hennesy, Rénée Taylor, Joe Bologna, and Greg Grunberg) enjoyed this favourite family reunion of sorts, the icing on the Valentine’s Day cupcake was a visit from LA’s enduring designer Sue Wong. While her selection of dresses for the A-listers dazzled, it was a whole other matter when the belle of the ball strolled in to witness for herself celebrities falling in love with her artistry all over again.
   As Sue and Doris greeted each other, it suddenly hit me that both women have a lot in common, including making every invited guest to their soirées feel welcome, accepted, well fed and fashionable. The motherly love exuded at the event provided a perfect backdrop for official charity Wednesday’s Child. KTTV Fox 11 News’s Los Angeles presenter Christine Devine was present to support and answer questions about her signature cause beyond her weekly local broadcasts. Celebrities were encouraged to bring new, unwrapped gifts, including clothing, accessories, electronics, sporting equipment, monetary donations, etc., for a post-holiday gift drive for teens currently living in foster care.
   The returning and still fabulous perennials filling out the Fig & Olive garden included MDSun USA skin care, Silvana K Designs jewellery, Arbonne Essentials’ nutrition products, Spongelle bath products, Kama Sutra, Twisted Silver by Debra Mitchell, Single by Galina Sobolev, Telic (with new bling accessories), and Model in a Bottle (now with a sensitive skin formula).
   Although Samiah appeared at a certain Golden Globes event a few weeks ago, and in spite of the fact that the mercury hit 30°C (86°F), the bespoke coat designer showed her presence could stand up to a seasoned veteran like Sue Wong in both her artistry with fabric and her ease with guests from all walks of life. Shangri-La of Luxury helped clear the air for prosperity with delicious home and body fragrances, as did candles from the new Burbank boutique Shoppe 815. Beauty mavens could rejoice with an opportunity to test out all-natural hair care from Pura d’Or and the Kelley West Microderm360° Dermabrasion Tool and skin care line. Another motherly touch: the rep encouraged guests to use it responsibly and check out special demos at before putting this Home Shopping Network best seller to work.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

KVR Creative/courtesy Doris Bergman

March 8, 2014

Top of the world and top of the Beverly Hilton with top beauty finds

Elyse Glickman/8.29

So many suites, so little time. However, one that was literally head, shoulders and eight storeys above the rest was the TMG International Red Carpet Ready Luxury Suite, which was very international in its products and its welcoming vibe for a carefully curated guest list of celebrities, VIPs and media. The set up atop the Beverly Hilton Hotel had a funhouse feel—albeit a most glamorous funhouse for sophisticated fashionistas—with each room having its own set of surprises that popped out at you.
   TMG International’s pre-Oscar thrill ride started off in a front room of a penthouse suite set up almost like a velvet-lined jewellery box focused on the dazzling and highly covetable gold accented sterling silver pieces from Ariva, a Rhode Island-based company focused on reconciling the look and craftsmanship of fine jewellery with the prices of silver “investment” pieces that could be worn every day. Though these precious items were there for the trying and the borrowing, the company’s representatives couldn’t have been nicer or more genuine about the enthusiasm about their collection.
   You could say the second room was the “family room”. Moms and Moms-to-be received a lovely care package from Rockabye Mommy, a “Mommy concierge” that puts together personal and customized shopping for the selective prospective parent. Their nifty package was geared toward girly glam, with baby jewellery, barettes and bib for baby, and leggings, camera strap and organic fruit and vegetable wash for Mom. The affiliation from Kitson brought more Hollywood Mommy-and-me street cred to the charming bundle.
   Grown-up men and women could protect and accentuate their personal bundles with shapewear by Rounderbum. Made in Mexico, these underpinnings feel cotton-soft on the skin, with some pieces adding stylish flair while holding the essentials in place. Adding extra ambiance was LifeNSoul’s candy-coloured line of high-performance earphones, high-tech ear buds and speakers.
   Although we were breezed past the hair salon room, which was packed to the rafters with VIPs hoping to salvage their rain-soaked tresses, our lovely escort led us to the next room, which took the form of a luxury day spa with Montana-based skin care line Sevique prominently featured. As celebrities were pampered with treatments such as the ‘Eye Relaxation with Anti Aging Benefits’, ‘Facial Massage with Deep Cleansing & Protection’, and ‘Neck & Décolleté Hydration & Anti Aging Massage’, Sevique’s founder Susan Nickell and other reps highlighted step- by-step benefits of their natural, cruelty-free products while focusing on guests’ red-carpet ready concerns such as close-up interviews and strapless gowns.
   From the serenity of the Sevique spa, we then thought we landed in Barbie’s Dream House, awash in pink. However, it was a showcase for Cocoa Brown Tanning, devised by Irish inventor Marissa Carter, who, with her doting mother, showed how her three products used together could add a very convincing and realistic glow even to the fairest Irish rose (as opposed to US House Speaker John Boehner orange). A short passage to India concluding our journey, with a room that featured the Icandy Salon from San Francisco, and SHAPES Brow Bar, which brings Indian threading to many locations through southern California, including Sherman Oaks Fashion Square. The teams in that room would not rest, or let us get up, until we were looking our very best (at least under rainy circumstances).—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

March 7, 2014

A Montage of luxury, invention and indulgence

Elyse Glickman/4.53

The venue (the Contessa Ballrooms at the lavish Montage Hotel Beverly Hills) may be new for the Secret Room, but the approach to pre-Oscar Primping is the same. In the case of the event, that’s a very good thing, as far as successful Hollywood formulas go. The headlining charity, once again, was the SPCA LA, focused on animal rescue, adoption and medical attention throughout Los Angeles County. One animal rescue story underscoring the SPCA LA’s mission is Sadie, whose fight for life has captured the nation’s heart.
   Celebrities were not only out in full force, but there fluffy friends were also welcome, as were vendors focused on the well-being of dogs and cats. Sadie herself is a fan of GooFurr, a cat medication delivery system that is also safe for dogs, developed by pastry chef and cat rescuer Barbara Cappelli. Real salmon and other natural ingredients mask the odour and taste of the pill, making medicine and vitamins a treat and a reward for the pet, rather than a chore for the human owner.
   The most buzzed about device (literally!) was Voyce, a collar that in some ways allows a dog to “talk” with a monitor that tracks its vital signs and current health situation. The inventors note a version for cats is in the works, given the strong reaction the dog version is currently receiving. It’s fitting the launch is timed with the Oscars, as the whimsical notion of a collar allowing a dog to talk was first introduced in Oscar-winning animated feature Up!.
   Toys for kids ran the gamut from the German-made Hape Toys to the eco-friendly Jetson Bike that’s apparently as easy to learn to ride as the one you had as a kid—but much faster. There were also exclusive vacations to Timbers Collection, which have second home properties throughout the world, from the American Rockies to Mexico, the Bahamas, Italy and Ireland.
   There were also household essentials that allow people to transform their homes to a paradise of their own. Exotic offerings included Divine Design’s Indian-made home accessories and Pacific Green Furniture’s palm-based wood pieces from Fiji to Rocket Farms’ fresh potted orchids, which all guests received on their way out of the suite. The icing on the cake was a coffee and bar outfitted by Wolfgang Puck (down to its sassy, Oscar-themed signage), which paired nicely with pastries from LaBrea Bakery.
   Of course, the Secret Room would not be the top draw it is without handcrafted jewellery and new beauty products hitting the market-place.
   Louisville’s Ronaldo, the wizard of wire, was back in Hollywood after a turn at the Grammys, charming guests with his 14 ct and sterling wire bracelets. The featured Love Knot is made up of undulating flat wires Rolando says represents melding together of a woman (depicted with smooth gold wires) and a man (diamond cut silver wires). The metaphor of the design reflects the strong bond between couples because the textures and colours work together. La Corza’s collection of sterling silver pieces is inspired by nature and architectural details that were at once bold and streamlined. Dallas-based Betty James Jewelry, meanwhile, showed chunky, earthy pieces could also be feminine and formal. An outfit with Betty James’ hand-wrought stone pieces would be nicely finished with hand-made rope sandals from Nomadic State of Mind.
   The brand 2xist has marked time by evolving from a small line of men’s underwear to a full-blown sportswear collection that includes a just-launched line of watches designed in tandem with award-winning industrial designer Jason Wilbur. The architectural timepiece (which looks great on many women, too!) features a unique, three-hand movement that floats freely between a transparent case and delivers in a selection of fine finishes and colours.
   Beauty products included high-tech skin care from Atzen, Biodara to cause-minded Curology Shampoo (raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer) to Lipinc which keeps pouts perky and polished all day.
   Celebrities in attendance included James DuMont (Dallas Buyers’ Club) as well as cast members and crew from Oscar-nominated American Hustle (Alan Baumgarten, Judy Becker, Crispin Struthers), 12 Years a Slave (screenwriter John Ridley), The Artist (Ken Davitian), Captain Phillips (Chris Mulkey, Chris Burdon), top athletes (from the NFL and NBA, and talk show presenter John Salley) and Stephen Kramer Glickman from the TV series Big Time Rush (no relation).—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

March 3, 2014

WOW-ing them at the Luxe

Elyse Glickman/11.01

Elyse Glickman

The rooftop of the Luxe Hotel is a genius spot to plan a pre-award show event. Once again, veteran event planners Mark and Matthew Harris of WOW! Creations and Roger Neal booked the space hoping to continue their respective winning streaks with celebrities and VIPs against a 360-degree backdrop of Beverly Hills. However, when storms blew through town, a suite with an open roof patio may not be the most inviting. That said, these event planners’ past track records are so solid that their events are still going to be must-dos on the pre-Oscar week party circuit.
   Matthew and Mark Harris had a clever edge, bringing out the kid in everybody. The entry to the suite at the Luxe Beverly Hills’ entrance in itself was an event, with balloons, a pre-packed goody bag of treats and a greeting from Hollywood clown and author Jason Lassen, opening out to a “circus” theme that was three rings of beauty, wellness, and good taste on the roof (in the literal sense, with several artisanal spirits being poured to take off the winter chill) and a sideshow in a second-floor suite showcasing more sensory delights: Vance Family Soy Candles (de-light-ful, delicious and calorie-free bon-bons), a set of Pamper Me Organically skin care products from Toronto, Canada, and for the sports fan, BubbaGlove pom-pom gloves with all Los Angeles sports teams represented.
   Melissa Fego’s delicate natural stone droplets in earring, necklace and bracelet form brought a touch of elegance and formality to the occasion as did floral-scented Brville candles, medical-grade skin care from Love My Body and sweet-smelling travel kits and a beautiful tote bag from Florida-based Pura Botanica, which raises money for the Loggerhead Marine Life Center. You could also start your post-Oscar health resolution with a month’s supply of vitamins from GliSODin Skin Nutrients.
   The setting may have been celebrities under the Big Top, including Miss California, USA and Miss California, Teen USA, legendary NASA astronaut Dr Buzz Aldrin, Steven Rice, James Dumont (my former high school classmate), and Zacary Heinz-Erg, all tied to major Oscar-nominated projects, but there was a grown-up aspect to it via the wonderful artisanal liquors, from ParaVi’s dessert wine in chocolate-covered bottles, to Four Roses Whiskey to Bainbridge Organic’s gin, to delicious cinnamon bun and vanilla vodkas by Five Wives from Ogden’s Own Distillery to a blissful sip from dairy-free Kkada Sutra Caramel Liqueur.
   With everybody in high spirits, the next logical step was to head to the Luxe Beverly Hills’ restaurant for a brimming bowl of Chef David Padilla’s tangy and soothing tomato soup and truffle fries.

Elyse Glickman

Earlier in the week, Roger Neal and his team treated VIPs to a variety of on-site treatments such as SunLounge Studios spray tans, designer gowns by the Netherlands’ Addy van den Krommenacker and loans of red carpet jewellery by Erin Fader. VIPs were sent home with a bag of skin care product by G. M. Collin and hair styling tools by ISO Beauty. There were also hair care products by Olez Hair, integrating apple stem-cell technology in all their products, Muchachomalo hand-painted underwear and leggings, and pants and camis by Marena made with medical grade compression fabric. A former presidential chef was on hand with comforting German and Austrian fare. (Who knew a knish could be so gourmet, or so welcoming on the eve of a big storm?)
   Although her suite was moved from Circa 55 (where we later enjoyed an incredible dinner) to the Bar 210, the unflappable and ever resourceful Debbie Durkin charged forward with a more intimate version of her stalwart “eco” Oscar event. While Voss Water and Maya Tequila provided liquid refreshment, New Zealand-based lighting company WakaNine (with US distribution through its Austin, Texas office) set the tone and the cool mod-style for the space. The soul of the event was the Say Yes to Hope charity. Vendors showing their wares included local boutique LA + Jo, classic Will Leather bags, Eye by Panoptx glasses, and to bring it all home, BeautiControl skin care and a handy tote bag with millions of pockets (love!).—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

Elyse Glickman

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