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Style of a Visionary

The J. Lindeberg label kicks off Lucire's first-ever menswear feature, leading the way with style and comfort

THE MEN'S MARKET has, traditionally, been conservative. A tastefully designed navy suit and tie ensemble is essential for any gentleman, but as men become more fashion-conscious and discerning about their wardrobe, fashion designers must turn their attention to new demands.
   As lifestyles change and casual wear becomes more acceptable, the growing worldwide J. Lindeberg label, already sold around Europe and the United States at close to 300 locations, seems well poised to take the market.
   Golf is an ongoing theme: founder Johan Lindeberg himself is an avid golfer, understanding the market and the need to inject fun into what has been perceived as a staid fashion area. The J. Lindeberg Golf series for men and women has already gained a reputation for being at the forefront, through its use of innovative fabrics, maximizing comfort. 'I build my trademark with passion,' explained Lindeberg in Enjoy magazine. 'Our customers notice that our clothes are made by people who like their jobs. They feel the energy in the clothes.
   'Our designs are directed toward modern people and that group demands change. It's all about inner balance, being interested in progress, interested in the world around you, about always working on your personality.'

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