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Hennes & Mauritz
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Hennes & Mauritz

PREPARE YOURSELF is the theme for the last big campaign of the year from Sweden's Hennes & Mauritz. It's about making preparations on a practical level�buying clothes at an attractive price�but at the same time it's about preparing yourself mentally for the new millennium, for the big celebrations and the new age.
   Prepare Yourself is a chance to stand still and reflect as millennium fever hits its peak, to experience calm and harmony instead of stress. It's about whispering rather than shouting. Make room in your life for peace and tranquillity. Mental preparation means looking inward and listening to your emotions; broadening your senses.
   This comes across in both the style of the images and the words used in the campaign. The clothes are modelled in relaxed poses taken from tai chi and other forms of meditation. All are presented with a simple, clean, pared-down look.


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