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Above: Niovi white underwired two-piece, summer 2000. Previous page: Panos's Lefkada style for summer 2000: a burnt orange retro one-piece with button detail.
UCIRE has one bias, admittedly. We tend to gravitate to those who stand up for what they believe in, those who ignore conventional thought, and those who are motivated to help others—even at their own risk.
   I had hoped for some time to write a feature on Panagiotis ‘Panos’ Papadopoulos, the man behind Panos Emporio. This swimwear label is huge in its native Sweden. As one of the most wired countries on earth, it’s no surprise to see Panos heavily involved in ecommerce as well as providing one of the most æsthetically pleasing sites in the industry. It’s a cult brand in Thailand, one of Panos’s main export markets.
   Like the stories of Sochiro Honda in automobiles or Brazilian-born Fátima Batista in our feature last August, Panos Emporio's rise to its current standing is one filled with drama, struggle and a passion to be ethical and upstanding.
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