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   While there's certainly none of the extreme erotica that typifies Newton's work—after all, this campaign has to work outdoors and with some consideration of wandering male eyes and road safety—the sexy images of the 30-year-old supermodel pay homage in some respects to the “Hero of Eros”, not least the high heels in certain shots and the use of furniture. It's also helped by Schiffer's trademark innocent gaze and eye make-up.
   Hennes & Mauritz's design team, led by Margarita van den Bosch, has aimed for a more feminine style. The cuts are more harmonious and classical, in contrast to the disco, retro-1970s mood of the millennium collection that saw the use of lurex. There is also less of an emphasis on the bandeau and a return to the brassière as the item of 2000.

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Black padded bra and string, Kr 98 and Kr 49,50 respectively.

Lilac lace wire bra and lace string brief, Kr 98 and Kr 59,50 respectively.

Gold padded bra and string brief.

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