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Mystery of Agatha (top) and Agatha (above) are unforgettable fragrances in distinctive packaging reflecting their floriental scents. The art-déco lettering is evocative.

The behind-the-scenes story of two of the world’s most exclusive new fragrances, literally the choice of royalty

AGATHA BROWN first came to the notice of Lucire in a feature we published in September 1998. She had already been a Seventh Avenue designer, producing sportswear at her own fashion house selling to 350 specialty stores throughout the US. But after several years, the stresses and strains of running the business forced her to reflect. With her husband, she moved to a romantic Caribbean island and achieved another dream, opening the Agatha Boutique in the atrium of the Sonesta Hotel, Oranjestad in Aruba.
   During the past few years, the Agatha Boutique has developed a loyal, international clientèle who come to Aruba each year to buy their exclusive Agatha wardrobes.
   Since Lucire first spoke with her, Agatha’s business has grown and she has added MYSTERY OF AGATHA and AGATHA, two new fragrances that have earned acclaim internationally. They are literally the choice of royalty, having recently been chosen by a princess of a prominent royal family.
   MYSTERY OF AGATHA, developed by Drom Fragrances International, was based around Agatha's following brief: ‘Agatha, a woman of mystery and intrigue. As she enters the room, all conversation stops. As she departs, her fragrance lingers, evoking memories of deep passion and seduction. MYSTERY OF AGATHA, an unforgettable perfume of mystical powers.’ The scent had to be ‘original, unique, and with a scent you have never experienced before.’
   It was a tall order, but Drom took up the challenge. The company assigned a ‘lovely’ Parisian perfumer to work with Agatha, with whom she instantly found rapport. Being a creator herself, she understands the importance of creative freedom. And that is what she gave to the Drom perfumer: carte blanche, spare no cost. After a year, the perfumer had developed a unique scent using ‘natural, rare and unusual oils in limited supply from small, exotic essential oil houses from all over the world.’
   In Agatha’s words, MYSTERY OF AGATHA is ‘intoxicating’. Drom had fulfilled all her fantasies for the perfume.
   ’The result is a floriental that is unlike anything else in the perfume world. The top note is a rare citrus from Singapore, unusual florals from the Amazon, Morocco and Indonesia. Strange and exotic woods from the continent of Africa, and spices from the ancient Ottoman Empire,’ she says.
   Why MYSTERY OF AGATHA? In Brown-Marder’s words, the scent is mysterious and intriguing. ‘It is for the modern femme fatale,’ she says. ‘The fragrance of a free spirit: an elegant, glamorous, mysterious, passionate, and irresistibly seductive woman.’
   The perfumer’s development saw a sister fragrance emerge. It quickly became a favourite, and Agatha launched it simultaneously as her signature fragrance. AGATHA has a top note of night-blooming jasmine and French tuberose, mid-notes of spicy persimmon and passionfruit, a bud quality green floral; and exotic woods, amber and myrrh round out the scent.
   By coincidence,, endorsed by Lucire earlier this month, became ecstatic over the new scents. Five months ago, the jeweller named MYSTERY OF AGATHA the ‘Best of Fall’.
   The fragrances have extended Agatha’s influence as a worthy creator of exclusive products. MYSTERY OF AGATHA and AGATHA are the ‘the most exclusive fragrances in the world’ and are being produced and marketed in limited supplies in respect to her clients’ wishes to not smell like the “rest of the crowd”.
   A luxury body lotion and shower gel will be launched soon.
   The scents, as well as Agatha’s exquisite and stylish designer sportswear, handbags and shoes are available from her flagship store in Oranjestad, Aruba. The fragrances and bath products can be ordered online at

‘The scent had to be “original, unique, and with a scent you have never experienced before.”’
Agatha Brown

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