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Below: No item was safe from deconstruction at Hoax Couture

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YSTERICAL GLAMOUR’ was the theme of Hoax Couture's fall collection and it proved to be exciting and innovative. Warmly received by both the media and show watchers (1,500 in attendance to be exact), 'Hysterical Glamour' was a concoction of pastiche, historical mining, technology and ethnic sampling—a very unique urban chic.
   The clashing of colours and fabrics—bright athletic knits with dark silk organza, coloured suede, perforated lace and patchwork quilting—surprisingly came together in a look that is distinctly Hoax. Most models wore a wide array of Hoax layered separates, including elegant flowing chiffon dresses over athletic tees and red taffeta pants for women and extra-big wide-legged patched 'Raver' pants, lace-up suede shirts topped off with leather coats for men.
   Some of their more major trends revolved around deconstructed athletic wear, denim jackets, silk pants, parkas and leather coats. No item was safe from the deconstructing and designing talents of Chris Tyrell and Jim Searle (a former lawyer and a former architect respectively, it is no wonder they have such a wide style span with an enormous following).
   However, to say this would be too limiting in relaying Hoax's unique style. It would be difficult to pinpoint Hoax's exact style or their main, “must-have” for the fall–winter as their collection was so varied. There was definitely a lot of Hoax to soak in—at some moments it was almost too much. But if we must single anything out, it would have to be their signature corsets in sexy silks, brocades and velvets—a very popular item on Hollywood's own red carpets. Form-fitting and shape-enhancing, they are so versatile and any occasion—elegant evenings to the theatre or a charity ball; a wedding; under a sleek business suit or even with denim and leather for a night out.
   Many show attendees were even wearing Hoax corsets. So popular and distinctive are Hoax corsets, Searle and Tyrell even dressed up the seats in their BMW Auto Couture design competition entry (which won first place honours making Hoax Couture the only other designer or design team to officially design and dress a BMW aside from Karl Lagerfeld). The corset may just be that hard-to-pick “must-have”!
   Hoax is also famous for their creative fabric manipulation, and as the show progressed, there was a lot of ruching, knotting and bunching going on that their general silhouettes were creatively cluttered. Out-seams on pants and shirt bodices were destroyed and laced back together, giving the simplest fabrics a lot of texture and detail. Their ability to use fabrics to create unexpected details bring a lot of individuality to their designs.
   Although the runway show was a “jambalya” of sorts, most Hoax followers will agree that separately, each piece can be as dazzling and trendy as they were when all layered and mixed together on the runway models. Casual or formal, simple or flamboyant—Hoax can be anything you want it to be!

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