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Lucire spring–summer 2003

Janice Dickinson and Paris Hilton on the catwalk (right); Nikki Hilton, Tara Reid and Rhea Durham in the audience—this was a night of spectacle at the famed Studio 54 nightclub

by Richard Spiegel with Jack Yan

Photographed by Richard Spiegel


ANICE DICKINSON might not be the most likely choice of model to open a show at Studio 54, since legend has it that she once ODed there in the late 1970s. But Lloyd Klein, the Parisian designer now more based out west in Los Angeles, has never been afraid of a little glamorous spectacle—and his spring–summer 2003 collection at the infamous nightclub certainly had glamour and spectacle.
   Dickinson might have made some headlines with a dress with a plunging neckline and her new occupation as an author (No Lifeguard on Duty recently launched), but she did share the stage with socialite–model Paris Hilton, who appeared and closed the show in a flowing, open wedding dress. And in the audience were none other than her sister, Nikki; between the pair of them they have not only appeared more in the press but their enfants terribles image has steadily disappeared. ‘It's the Hilton sisters’—and we look forward to that, rather than fear where they might next appear (refer features’ editor Phillip Johnson’s article from the Swarovski show last year). Their mates Tara Reid and Rhea Durham added to the A-list spectacle at the event. Fitting, after all: Pink had worn Lloyd Klein clothing in her videos.
   There is a slight change from mere black, a Klein staple in some past collections, with white tossed in as contrast. Another welcome addition we noticed was the increase in the number of proper dresses, including some reaching floor length. Laced backs were another feature.
   Klein has also continued his small menswear line that had a few looks in the show. Straightforward jackets and slacks for the boys as well as Lloyd Klein underwear. We found the underwear cute with pink swimming sperm logos but will it fly? Perhaps—the cheeky new lad humour might just make it across the Atlantic and Lloyd Klein could herald this.
   Opinion was divided at this office about the collection: some felt Lloyd Klein's fall 2002 collection was stronger stylistically; others felt this was an evolution brought on by the economy (reliable colours) and not any slip in the designer's style. •

Visit Lloyd Klein
Purchase No Lifeguard on Duty: the Accidental Life of the World's First Supermodel, by Janice Dickinson

Richard Spiegel is New York editor of Lucire. Jack Yan is founding publisher of Lucire.




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