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Lucire Men, July 2005Lucire summer guide 2005

Phillip D. Johnson details his favourite products on summer skin care for men—and includes some unisex offerings

Expanded from the July 2005 print issue of Lucire



Initial cap UMMER is here and we are all very much ready to throw off the pale-skinned, ghostly complexion we adopted for the winter months and to embrace the sun full force. But be forewarned, while the long, lazy, sunny days of summer seem like a paradise you have earned, having survived the previous wintry weather, jumping head-first into the sun's ultraviolet radiation rays comes fraught with its own dangers. According to the experts, 'the accumulated effect of extreme sun exposure is harmful to a person's health and appearance … and recent studies have identified UVA radiation (specifically long range UVA in the 340 to 400 nm range) as the main cause in premature ageing and aggressive skin cancers.' So we are here to help you. From head to toe, for normal to ultra-sensitive skin, there's a skin care product on the market for everyone. We have travelled the world to bring you the following report. Use the advice well.
   Good skin care starts before you leave the house and right now we are living for XCD Defender Facial Moisturizer (1·7 fl oz, US$15, 2). A primary part of the XCD ('exceed') range of enhancement products by King of Shaves, Defender is packed with vitamins C and E, smoothing silicones, wheatgum oil and other minerals, all designed to leave your skin feeling smoother longer with a matte texture. Use it after shaving, before and after a workout at the gym and before you go to bed. XCD is exclusively available in the United States from 2,500 CVS/Pharmacy stores.
   Vaseline Intensive Care, a wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever, has long been an innovator on the skin care front. Reformulated for 2005, the new line contains more of the ingredients found in healthy skin, including 70 per cent more glycerin (for a boost in moisturizing power) that acts like a sponge holding in water in skin cells. The new Alœ Cool and Fresh Light Moisturizing Lotion (SRP US$2·49–6·49, 4) is a winner, what with its winning combination of alœ vera, cucumber extract, sunflower seed oil and soybean oil. Even more promising, it totally delivers on its claims. It's cool and lightweight to the touch and the richer texture and fresh yet subtle fragrance is ideal for men (who shun perfumey lotions on principle) use during the summer months and beyond.
   Leaf & Rusher Solar Screen (US$35, 3) is an amazingly ultra-light veil that combines soothing moisturizers, antioxidants from vitamins A, C and E, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and the maximum permitted protection (SPF 30) to completely protect the skin against the harmful effects of daily exposure to the elements. The secret weapon in this luxurious formula is a special blend of beta glucan, derived from natural oats, that acts as a natural protective layer against the damaging effects of harmful UVA irradiation, reducing the presence of sunburn cells in tissues. Available at Bergdorf Goodman, select Saks Fifth Avenue department stores, at Bath and Body Works flagship stores and is the exclusive skin care line at Solutions Skincare Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, Calif.
   Revercel Oil-Free Sun Defense Lotion SPF 30 (US$21, 5) is a light, non-greasy PABA-free formula is excellent to wear for optimum daily protection from the sun's rays that damage the skin and cause hyperpigmentation, sun-sensitivity, and premature ageing. SPF 30, Parsol 1789 (avobenzone), powers the shield against UVA rays, while octinoxate provides UVB protection for full-spectrum sun coverage. Green tea extract, an antioxidant, provides anti-ageing benefits. Aloe and allantoin soothe and calm the skin. Waterproof and dermatologist-tested and recommended.
   Baxter of California's Oil Free Moisturizer (6), a fragrance-free moisturizer enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, is a lightweight formula that replenishes the skin's essential moisture, without adding more oil and antagonizing the skin. The end result is extra essential moisture, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed, with a shine-free, matte finish. This and the other innovative products for men from Baxter of California are available at fine salons and spas. Spa and salon professionals may call 1 800 421-3614.
   Dr Hauschka, the enormously popular line of natural therapeutic skin and hair care products, has an equally noteworthy line of sun care products. Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15 provides moderate sun protection to skin that is exposed for short periods of time, Sunscreen Cream SPF 20 provides a higher degree of protection to those whose skin is exposed for longer, extended periods of time and whose skin has a tendency to burn. Sunscreen Stick 30 protects extra sensitive areas, and is recommended for lips, nose and ears. All are water-resistant. Available at Joia, 201 Main Street, Northampton, MA 01060-3122; telephone 1 800 815-1118, 1 413 586-7555, or see your Lucire Market-place in the print edition.
   Containing essential oils of white thyme, lavender, sage, ivy, and watercress, ESPA's 24-Hour Balancing Complex (60 g, US$52, 7) is a light cream–gel that soothes oily, combination and slightly dehydrated skin. With its antioxidant and nourishing properties, it works throughout the day and night to help purify and protect against UVA and UVB and free-radical damage.
   The Cornelia Day Resort (633 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022, 1 212 871-3050; see Lucire July 2005, p. 106), in only its few months of operations, has created a veritable tsunami of positive buzz, and the Boutique at Cornelia is also becoming a shopping destination not to be missed. The Boutique offers a treasure-trove of items, including cashmere pareos and crotched beach totes from France, hand-embroidered pillows and shawls from Anke Dreschel (exclusive to Cornelia), bejewelled bikinis from the Italian Riviera, Cornelia's Signature line of travel totes and loungewear and a line of bath and body products (1). The pieces in the bath and body product line are pretty much season-less, but for summer skin care, we highly recommend the Purifying Hand Wash (250 ml, US$35) and the Hand Recovery Cream (250 ml, US$60). The antiseptic, detergent-free hand wash has superior foaming action designed to gently cleanse and soften hands without over drying; while the defining ingredients in the Hand Recovery Cream (jojoba and wheatgerm oils, bisobosol, calendula, aloe and vitamin E) protects the skin's natural moisture barrier and help to restore elasticity. Available on-site at the Boutique at Cornelia or online at
   Made with an advanced mixture of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and lutein (which prevents damaging free radical oxidation for UV radiation), 3Lab's Perfect Lite Sunblock 30 (US$36, 8) is everything it proposes to be and a lot more, too. When applied to the body, its white creamy texture goes on smooth and clear; and provides the highest level of sunblock protection. It's also ideal for those of us whose skin is easily irritated and extra sensitive to the harsh chemicals contained in other sunscreens. The line's UV Protective Moisturizer SPF 20 (US$65), a multi-purpose hydrating cream with broad-spectrum protection, is an odourless cream that hydrates and the replace the moisture in the top layer of your skin without clogging your pores, while protecting the skin against the effects of harsh environmental elements (wind, temperature, low humidity, air pollution and smoke).
   If you are land-locked in your office while everyone else is out having a good time in the Hamptons, faking that “just off the beach look” just got easier with Clinique True Bronze Bronzing Gel for Face (US$18·50). A new hydrating gel bronzer that blends effortlessly, leaving skin feeling refreshed and radiant, new True Bronze Bronzing Gel for Face is perfect for anyone who is looking to achieve a natural bronze glow or to enhance already tanned skin. With just a hint of pearl, your face is instantly illuminated with a sun-kissed wash of colour; and regardless of skin tone, you can achieve an intense sun-washed glow that won't clog your pores or give you that familiar alien, orange colour. True Bronze Bronzing Gel for Face is available from May 2005 at Clinique counters nationwide and at
   Zia Natural Skincare, the healthy skin care line used by Jennifer Garner (Alias), Jennifer Beals (Showtime's The 'L' Word), Drew Barrymore, Natalie Portman and singer Kylie Minogue, is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, all-around good for you and has its share of male fans as well (Ben Stiller, American Idol's Ryan Seacrest, actor Blair Underwood, and Jonathan Silverman). My favourite pieces in the line include their Ultimate Hand Moisture SPF 15 Lotion (a rich, non-greasy formula with a blend of vitamins A, C and E, shea butter and avocado oil that restores softness and skin elasticity to extra dehydrated hands) and the Age-Defying Hand Treatment (a complex mixture of apple extract, Irish moss, sea algæ, vitamin A and TeaOX that banishes rough, dry hands, cracked cuticles, reduce dark spots and other unwanted signs of ageing, 10). Both products are Available at and at Whole Foods and Whole Body stores.
   Having a dull complexion just isn't cool. To maintain an even-toned skin for the summer, cleanse your face with Nickel Skincare's Super Clean Scrubbing Gel (4·5 oz, US$26). All Nickel products contain a higher percentage of active ingredients than any other women's cosmetic products, and they have been designed for men who want instant results. Super Clean's in-depth cleansing power eliminates dead skin cells and impurities, exfoliates the thickest sections of the face (nose, forehead and chin), and is gentle enough for the even the most sensitive skins. Nickel Skincare's Totale Frime Self-Absorbed Oil for Body Tanning and Hair (6·7 fl oz, US$28, 11) has a non-sticky texture that goes on quickly and leaves you with visions of the Caribbean vacation of your dreams. This is another one of our favourites and we really think it's the cat's meow. Nickel products are available at Barney's, and
   Created in 1998, the Robanda Anti-Ageing Skincare line (12) was the first in selective distribution that focused on cosmeceuticals for all skin types; and their products contain the highest percentage of Retinol and other active ingredients, yet are completely safe to use outdoors, and even on sensitive skins. The Multi-Therapy Moisturizer with Alpha Lipoic Acid SPF 25 Sunscreen (1·7 oz, US$38) is a light lotion that combines concentrated Retinol, SPF 25 sunscreen, alpha lipoic acid and several natural plant extracts (green tea, kava, rosemary, alœ, sunflower, etc.) to offer you the strongest protection possible from daytime environmental damage and fine lines and wrinkles. The Anti-Ageing Moisturizer with SPF 20 Sunscreen (1·7 oz, US$34) contains 100 per cent pure and active Retinol palmitate that prevents premature ageing and wrinkles while simultaneously replenishing moisture to the skin, as well as coverage and sunscreen protection while enhancing the process of skin cell renewal. Available online at
   Nothing feels better after a long hot summer day out in the burning sun than a cool shower; and the new body washes from Suave for Men are formulated to give you that fresh feeling you're looking for. The new Mountain Surge Body Wash (12 oz flip-top bottle, US$1·99, 13) has a strong, masculine clean scent that invigorates and cleanses the skin. The Active Sport Body Wash and Refreshing Body Washes (12 fl oz, US$1·99) are also great for everyday use at home, on the road or at the gym, and infused with special formulas for men with sensitive skin.
   Golfer's Defense SPF 30 Sunscreen (4 fl oz, US$18), from the Golden Door Skin Care line is part of a collection of natural, fresh products found at the world-famous Golden Door Spa in Escondido, Calif., is a non-greasy, fragrance-free sunscreen that dries to a non-slip grip while you enjoy an 18-hole round of golf on your favourite course. It contains Parsol 1789, dex panthenol, vitamin E and alœ vera that serves to improves skin smoothness and slows down the signs of photo-ageing. Other sun protection products that are equally ideal for men—although the whole line is almost unisex—is the Walkabout Sunblock Moisturizer SPF 25 (4 fl oz, US$29·50), the Runabout Sunblock Moisturizer SPF 15 (12 fl oz, US$49·50) especially formulated for normal-to-dry skin types and the Sun Defense Sunscreen SPF 30 (32 oz, US$108), a dry, powdery and silky sunscreen that provides extra water-resistant sun protection for those days when even a he-man like you will wilt under the sun's glare. To order, call 1 800 231-1444 or visit

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While the long, lazy, sunny days of summer seem like a paradise you have earned, having survived the previous wintry weather, jumping head-first into the sun’s ultraviolet rays comes fraught with its own dangers

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