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Hair now, gone tomorrowHair now, gone tomorrow

Marzena Beauty Salon Wax, NZ$18·50


Everyone knows that getting into a fitful panic to prepare our legs, arms, torsos and other bits for their first emergence into the summer sun can result in disaster. No one wants splotchy legs, shaving cuts and random sprouts of hair to ruin their holiday fun! Emma Tate gives you the low-down on the hairy art of hair removal

Excerpted from issue 21 of Lucire



The most tried and true DIY method works well if you’re in a rush and is best on easy bits such as legs and underarms. It is perhaps the technique with the least stress which inevitably means the results don’t last very long. Shaving gels and creams are important to use beforehand and afterwards so remember: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!



This method provides instant results with a slight “ouch” factor. Of course, if done correctly, it shouldn’t cause too much discomfort, so practice makes perfect. If you’re worried about the pain a professional wax could be the answer, as therapists know what they’re doing and are more likely to give you the result you want.
    Waxing works well on small or large areas and it is important to exfoliate the area first. Kits can come in DIY strips, sugar wax or hot wax which should only be applied at a comfortable temperature to prevent irritation and burning.
   Sugar waxing is great method that can be washed off with water and is simple to clean up. Remember when waxing that there are a number of activities you can’t do for 24 hours after the application. This is not much of a sacrifice as four to six weeks of little or no hair is a pretty great result.


Depilatory creams

This is a short-term solution that dissolves the hair at the skin’s surface. It’s a good idea to take a hot bath first to open up the pores and soften the hairs for easier removal. The cream chemically dissolves each hair so an eye needs to be kept on the time to prevent a chemical burn or irritation. This is a fairly quick method and, like waxing, these creams are great for at least four to six weeks of hairlessness.



Laser treatment is increasingly popular and faster than electrolysis and is great on both small and large areas. It is very safe, non-invasive and provides little or no discomfort. It is a more costly treatment, yet it greatly reduces the possibility of hair growth. The big plus here is that you only need to go back every nine to twelve months, making it worth every penny. For best results the hair should be darker than the complexion as the lasers targets the melanin in the skin. However a range of lasers are available at most clinics that cater for most skin shades.



A beauty and skin professional needs to take care of this treatment. It basically involves inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle and applying an electrical current to destroy the root. It is best on small areas and there is minor discomfort to this treatment. The diamond in the rough is that after several treatments it encourages hairs to become finer and less obvious unlike the DIY home methods.
   The main thing to remember with any hair removal treatment is that nothing is permanent. Hair follicles lie dormant in the skin so even if the visible hairs disappear forever, dormant ones can pop up at any time.
   Beauty therapists give great consultations and can put any wax, electrolysis or laser worries at rest. They will usually give you a range of home care tips to get the best out of the treatment. So don’t stress: whether it’s right off-the-shelf or an expert treatment there’s no excuse not to be smooth all summer long! •

Nads Kiwi and Mint Natural Hair Removal Gel

Nads Hair Removal Essential Kit, NZ$24·95

Braun Silk-epil X’elle epilator


Note: prices current as of December 2006.

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