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Soirées d'exception
Soirées d'exception: Château de Mirambeau

Chateau de Mirambeau


The Château de Mirambeau offers more than just great accommodation: this month, it hosts two symphony orchestras by Stanley Moss
photographed by the author


THE CHÂTEAU DE MIRAMBEAU, one of the finest small hotels in world, is known as an elegant retreat of luxury and sophistication, located midway between Bordeaux and Cognac in the heart of the Charente Maritimes. The historic structure—whose foundations date back to the 11th century—features nineteen opulently appointed rooms and suites, stunning public rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, and a fine dining restaurant presided over by the enigmatic chef Frédéric Milan.

Not so widely known is the fact that during the high season the château transforms itself into a cultural destination where world-class music can be appreciated in an exclusive setting, what the hotel aptly calls ‘Soirées d'exception’. This month, two fine orchestras can be experienced on the Château's terrace. The intimate venue permits a maximum of only 300 seats to be sold, while the orchestras may number as many as 100 pieces. The performances can be appreciated in one of two ways: either in a single dinner and music package priced at €90 per person (dine at 7 P.M., concert at 9 P.M.), or a remarkable three-night package which includes a deluxe double room, breakfast, dinners, afternoon tea, an excursion to a St Emilion cave and both concerts for €1,885.

The Symphony Orchestra of Prague (Symfonický orchestr hl. m. Prahy) performs on July 22; two nights later, on July 24, the Symphony Orchestra of Granada appears. This is an outstanding opportunity to get to know a top property, explore the riches of a legendary region, and hear music in truly romantic setting. With the added bonus of Chef Milan's always-adventurous cuisine, an escape to Mirambeau promises an unforgettable destination in a mythical part of France.


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