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fashion: the circuit

Moda Lisboa '07Moda Lisboa '07

The only thing that would surprise me even more would be sheep on the catwalk instead of models



José António Tenente
Tenente’s collection’s hallmark is an imagined, naïve future. Austerity and deprivation contrast with abstract geometry which constructs the collection.
   In womenswear, the lines become more structured and elongated, showing off the legs. Skinny-fit trousers and micro-mini-skirts are all part of the perverse and twisted fantasy of this collection.


Katty Xiomara
Katty’s usual ’50s’ style is, undeniably and once again, present in her “nostalgic coloured black” collection.
   The collection plays on the musical and cinematographic aspects of the decade, portraying naïve happiness and calmness. However, this is filled with contrasts, where the glamour of black-and-white movies battle against the explosion of colour in the movies.


Miguel Vieira
Miguel portrays an ideal lifestyle. The English feel of this collection meets moderate romanticism and proper ethics. Men and women are shaped in a discrete yet subtly exuberant way, almost as if society was cultivating Bohemian aristocracy.
   A slim figure with voluminous accessories is Miguel's way of treating a man’s silhouette, while the woman’s body is portrayed by a marked waist, short lengths, contrasts and volumes.
   Black, white and grey flood satin, silks, knitted meshes and leather all appear.

Nuno Gama
Get Brad Pitt and mix him with some elegant outfits, attitude, sportive style, cartoon heroes and what do you get? Gama’s collection was built based on his imagination and endless search for elegance, universal references and new statements where noble materials are wildly blended.
   Based on contrasting volumes, Gama appeals to a man who knows how to have a playful attitude in an adult world. •


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José António Tenente

Katty Xiomara

Miguel Vieira

Nuno Gama

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