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Mad about the Emmys

While the stylish, retro-minded series Mad Men took top accolades at the 2010 edition of the Emmy Awards, the week was filled with winning pre-show events that brought the best of old-world and new-wave beauty, health and accessory trends together. Leyla Messian combed Hollywood and its environs to scope out the best of the best


The days of designer jean and tiny-T wars, playing out at Emmy events I’ve attended over the years, are in the past. I see this as a positive development, as I have more of a personal interest in beauty products that can potentially keep you fashionable long after a denim trend fades. I also favour a many-sizes-fits-everybody approach to fashion and beauty. As an avid cook, I also enjoy getting a literal taste of the good life via the food and beverages put on display.
    For this reason, I was especially delighted with the Endless Summer Primetime Emmy Suite, produced by Doris Bergman and Kathy Duliakas, staged in the exquisite garden area of Beverly Hills’ Gonpachi restaurant and anchored once again by CellCeuticals Skin Care. While the food itself was quite inspirational, especially with flavourful veggie skewers and sushi items, I was particularly impressed with the refreshing cocktails built upon a foundation of Pau Maui Handcrafted Vodka ( Though it is distilled from pineapples, the flavour is neutral, crisp and clean—an ideal base for mixers like the featured Waialua Sodas in passionfruit and coffee berry flavours. The caffeine-free, black cherry-like coffee berry contains anti-oxidants, which add a fun, healthy twist to the cocktails.
    NitroCream Premium Ice Cream and Gelato makers ( effortlessly produced rich but refreshing dark chocolate gelato and peach sorbet, and served it in coconut-shell cups. With its easy operation and the pure luxury that pours out of the bottom when quality ingredients are put in, the NitroCream machine is a must-have at summer parties. Soy Terrific Candles ( are also rich and decadent, not just in their depth of fragrance, but also the large selection ranging from nature-inspired spa fragrances to enticing dessert aromas.
    In fashion, there was a stylish nod to the silent movie era, but with a decidedly modern edge. Non-traditional jewel-toned shoes and bags from Spain-based Menbur (, are well suited for this year’s bridal and holiday festivities with silhouettes that evoke the ageless style of Rudolph Valentino’s leading ladies. Old became new again in the hands of jewellery designer Debra Mitchell of Twisted Silver ( Her pieces are fashioned from recycled vintage jewellery findings and mixed-metal chains, but what adds freshness to the line is that they are asymmetrical and often one- or few-of-a-kind. Dir-tee Hollywood workout gear also put a smile on my face, with melt-in-your-hand textures and cheeky satirical commentary on the modern Hollywood lifestyle.
   As for accessories, what speaks of summer fun in South Beach more than Posh Life’s cellphone and laptop covers completely covered in tropical colours and patterns, made entirely from tiny crystals? And for adventure tourists who can’t live without their electronic devices, Coleman Luggage has the perfect travel solution: solar panelled carry-on cases designed by Roger Tam that charge cellphones, iPods, and laptops on contact.
    Speaking of rare finds, there were great beauty discoveries abounding. CellCeutical’s skin care regimen is easy on sensitive skin, and I’ve actually seen improvement in skin tone on those who faithfully use their anti-ageing products along with their new sunscreen lotion. Shikoma's Sugar Dust Exfoliating Scrub, Salty Sea Scrub, Body Wash and Body Mist with Sake by Prana SpaCeuticals is a healthy cocktail for the body ( Rockstar White makes home teeth whitening easier and cleaner, thanks to a self-customizing set of dental trays and a single syringe of solution. The jumbo syringe containing 27 applications did the job for me, a self-confessed multiple cup-a-day coffee and tea drinker.
    Celebrities partaking in such good, clean end of summer fun included The Doctors’ Andrew Ordon and Jim Sears, Antonio Sabato, Jr, Bokeem Woodbine, Bryan Batt from Mad Men, Cougar Town’s Carolyn Hennessy, Carrie Preston, Lauren Bowles and Mariana Klaveno from True Blood, Chord Overstreet from Glee, Eric Roberts, Danielle Nicolette, Felicity Huffman, Deidre Hall, Diane Ladd, Shirley Jones, Robert Townsend, Gregory Itzin, Heroes’ James Kyson Lee, Eva La Rue and Omar Miller from CSI: Miami, R. J. Mitte from Breaking Bad, and Malese Jow from Vampire Diaries.
    Given that Nathalie DuBois-Sissoko consistently does a great event with a global vision and interesting culinary influences, it was no surprise I thoroughly enjoyed her spread for body, mind and soul. The DPA Celebrity Gift Suite Garden Party was staged at the Argyle Salon & Spa in the historic Sunset Tower Hotel (the site of LA’s only authentic Turkish bath).
    Kusmi Teas ( and was one of my favourite finds of the week, not only because of their outstanding quality and seductively elegant packaging, but also the line’s amazing back story. Though Kusmi is currently Paris-based, the company launched in Russia back in 1867 and served as a purveyor of tea for the aristocracy. These citrus and bergamot flavoured black teas went well with Millie’s bite-sized lemon cheesecakes ( I also enjoyed a cold glass of Kusmi’s new Detox Tea, a blend of yerba mate and green tea, with a savoury tomato-basil crepe. Crepe-maker Ruth Hudin ( somehow managed to fit healthy things like buckwheat into her delectable goodies—and nobody knew it was health food.
    On the beauty front, Parfums Mercedes ( was back, not only with its delicious vanilla and jasmine Jus d’Amour fragrance, but also Legend, an appealingly subtle men’s scent personified by boxer Roy Jones, Jr. Milena Boutique’s soy and shea butter candles were seductive in a different way. The coffeehouse scents, especially the chocolate mocha latte candle, sent me into an extreme state of craving.
    I also appreciate Nathalie’s fashion sensibility and her clear awareness that great fashion should come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, not only was I pleased to see the jewel-toned fall collection from Eva Varro (, who recently opened its highly-anticipated flagship boutique in Santa Monica), but also some wonderful pieces from Delano Activewear ( made from Brazilian fabric in a range of sizes and forgiving cuts. They offer a particularly flattering jacket (with that dramatic collar seen in many Mad Men-influenced outfits) that effortlessly takes a woman from the office, to the yoga studio and off to happy hour. Chewylou (, meanwhile, offered wonderful Ts with positive sayings, well suited for teens who could use positive messaging in their fashion (as opposed to all that counterproductive texting).
    Jizo and Chibi jewellery, an offshoot of books and art created by Valerie S. Johns (, proved it could make a bold statement even with the most simply rendered shapes and forms. Wrought in silver and gold vermeil styles, the Jizo pendants are intended to not only put a smile on one’s face but also protect travellers, children and others in a challenging world. ‘Jizo has a long history,’ said Johns. ‘Two thousand five hundred years ago, he was one of the four principal bodhisattvas—enlightened teachers—in Mahayana Buddhism. Upon his enlightenment, when he could have transcended this life forever, he pledged to remain on earth until every soul was finished suffering. Revered as the protector of children, he can connect us to our inner child.’



Given that Nathalie DuBois-Sissoko consistently does a great event with a global vision and interesting culinary influences, it was no surprise I thoroughly enjoyed her spread for body, mind and soul



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