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Burnished gold

While Ricky Gervais peppered the broadcast with powerful, irreverent and cutting statements about the “Hollywood” way of doing things, many pre-awards’ events showed heart, creativity, conscientiousness and even restraint. Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian report on the sensory highlights of the pre-awards celebrations


AnnaLynne McCord AnnaLynne McCord California’s ever-rising 90210 star was a the GBK suites, looking glamorous as ever


Golden Globe winner Katey Sagal at GBK

Neil Patrick Harris

Jane Lynch

IF THE 2011 GOLDEN GLOBES REVEALED anything—besides the forerunners of the upcoming Oscars—it is that it is best to take your work seriously, but not yourself. Though the folks at the Academy that choose the Oscars may have not gotten that memo (even with the unforgettable way Ricky Gervais delivered it, for better or worse, depending if you were the punchline), many trend conscious vendors participating in the Globes suites did.

While some of the Oscar nominations were all over the map, we were impressed with how focused and down-to-earth many participants of the pre-awards’ festivities were. We also liked the fact that a lot of the featured products were in tune with the times, even if some of the accolades were not (10 films nominated for Best Picture?).

Take, for example, the Hospitality Suite at the Nivea for Men Mansion, hosted by jeweller-to-the-stars Pascal Mouawad. Attended by recognizable television figures such as Jenny McCarthy, Christina Milian, Sophie Monk, Lorraine Bracco, Glee club members Iqbal Theba, Max Adler and Josh Sussman, Guillermo Diaz (No Ordinary Family), Madeleine Martin (Californication), Michael B. Jordan (Friday Night Lights) and Tim Kang (The Mentalist), this event was tightly structured, allowing the participating product, food and service lines to shine; and a nice demonstration of how a man could host a party specially groomed for men, but appealing to women as well. This makes perfect sense, as the event launched Nivea’s The Look Like You Give a Damn project, aimed at encouraging men to rethink their self-image from the inside out.

While Nivea’s men’s grooming products were front and centre, there was plenty of breathing room to truly appreciate new trends and demos being served up by pre-awards’ stalwarts (Joico hair care, OPI nail products, Gavert Atelier Salon, Valerie Beverly Hills cosmetics, Ciroc vodka) and up-and-coming red carpet fashion stars such as Alberto Parada, Chagoury Couture and Melanie Harris. Though Alberto Parada’s fine jewellery designs could have celebrities rethinking their visits to Fred Winston and Cartier for loaners, Pandora’s pop-up boutique was a stand-out. It not only showcased its expanding collections for men and women, but also encouraged conversation guests designed their own “custom” bracelets from 14 ct gold and sterling silver charms, leather bands and thick sterling chains.

While the mix of luxurious and affordable beauty aids, fashion accessories and gadgets at MediaPlacement’s annual suite for HBO’s Golden Globes nominees justified it being one of the hardest tickets to score (at least for journalists covering fashion, entertainment and lifestyle beats-MediaPlacement is famously selective of which journalists attend), this year’s edition was laid-back, attitude-free and beautifully organized.

The reps from Chambord—the featured spirit, packaged in those exquisitely show-off-able bottles—arranged for Lucire to attend the suite, which was as nicely balanced as the liqueur and the newly launched infused vodka. French homœopathic medicine producer Boiron anchored one room and provided guests with a carefully arranged care package of remedies (some we are sure were put to good use by some after Ricky Gervais’s performance). L’Oréal anchored another, with a charming array of products and demonstrations reflecting people of all income levels could attain red carpet beauty.

In between, celebrity guests were treated to exquisite luxury accessories such as Brahmin handbags and Magaschoni cashmere. There were also up-and-coming style stars setting down their roots with tastemakers, such as Maryam Gueramian, who dazzled some guests with her casually elegant wares available at While most of MediaPlacement’s set-up was very grown up, there were toys for kids of all ages, courtesy of Vivitar cameras and the new DJ Hero video game.

The winner of our personal Golden Globes “best” once again went to Nathalie Du Bois, who always keeps the pre-awards’ celebrity product placement and pampering ritual fresh with the right mix of food, beverage, party theme and style, along with participants that put the quality of their creations front and centre.

This go-round, at Beverly Hills’ l’Ermitage hotel, O, Canada! was a prevailing theme, thanks to a rich array of fashion, jewellery and accessory offerings from Vancouver to St John, and many points in between. From Montréal, you had bold fashion-forward jewellery from Chris & Alix and posh avant-garde leather by Ana Niculare. Nova Scotia’s contributions to global fashion included versatile cover-ups and dresses by Turbine and eco-friendly Audrey Hepburn- and Jackie O-inspired carry-alls from Michique.

Even with so many fresh designers from Canada, as well as Texas-based Henderson Designs, Ruchi Kalra’s India-inspired looks for RGK D’Zines, Diane Von Furstenburg’s 2011 summer eyewear collection and Eclectic Collections Fragrances (where the personable “Yhuda” Yhudai would assess your personality and present you with a perfectly matching fragrance in 30 seconds flat), Du Bois invited back several guests who consistently bring style and substance into their food and beverage presentation. D. Max Maxey was back, this time, spinning Best Picture-inspired cocktails from newly launched Dragon Bleu Vodka, while tea enthusiasts joyfully sipped elegant brews from Kusmi Tea. Moreno BHLV champagne was also on hand. These libations washed down wonderful delicacies from Greece, as well as the always-scrumptious Millie’s Cheesecakes and Chocolinis Organic Apple snacks.



Dennis Quaid, at Menbur bags

Martin Short at GBK

Ross Matthews

Sarah Hyland



The winner of our personal Golden Globes “best” once again went to Nathalie Du Bois, who always keeps the pre-awards’ celebrity product placement and pampering ritual fresh with the right mix of food, beverage, party theme and style



Dragon Bleu Vodka at Nathalie Du Bois’s suite

Chambord at MediaPlacement’s suite





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