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Cuts and colours for this spring and summer

As the weather becomes warmer, hair styles begin to change to reflect the climate. George Love offers some tips on how to find the best style and colour for you this season


THE TRENDS for this spring and summer will be lighter. The sun and good weather bring out the natural need to party and everyone knows that blondes have more fun.

This doesn’t mean that everyone should head directly to get a peroxide blonde colour treatment. Depending on your skin tone, you could have anything from a strawberry blonde with shimmers of copper red to gold that creates a natural look with a lot of depth. Goldwell has created the first non-ammonia bleach that gives the hair a lovely warm blond look that is very natural and soft.

If you feel like pushing the boundaries a bit, you could go for a real clean pearl blonde. It is an all-over block colour suitable for people with paler skin tones. Having short hair is more suitable for this look, and regular trims need to be kept up since this treatment tends to be a little harder on the hair.

There are some key cuts that you should consider this season. I find in my salon that a lot of my clients look to make big changes in the spring and summer. Warmer weather means they like to get their hair off the back of their necks and they tend to go for the shorter cuts. With styles ranging from a real cropped pixie cut to a nice classic graduated or even asymmetrical bob, this short haired look can suit almost anyone. Depending on your mood, you can go for an elegant, classic, smooth look, or get a feathered fringe with soft wispy-ness coming over the ears.

In summer, a lot of people grow out the heavy fringes that they had during winter and spring is the perfect time for a beautiful sweeping fringe. I like to call it this cut a non-committal fringe. It can go with a short bob from cheek to chin level and also softens up long hair by framing the face. A lot of my clients request this style specifically because of its versatility to blend into the rest of the haircut as it grows out.

For the women who love their long hair and cannot bear the though of chopping it all off, I suggest they go for the fresh, textured, beachy look. This just-got-out-of the-ocean look is created by a layered, textured haircut which provides body and movement for the hair, creating a feeling of energy that works well to create messy curls. These curls can be easily pinned up at the end of the day, allowing the wearer to translate almost effortlessly from a day-time to a night-time look.

If you have decided you are ready to make a big change, always have a thorough consultation. Most stylists will not charge for this and it is useful to discuss practicalities such as how regularly you expect to visit the salon, the upkeep you desire and what has or has not worked in the past for you.

If you have photos of celebrity styles that you like, bring them in as most stylists think visually and it is easier to show someone a photo than to describe the exact shade of blonde that you are after.

Overall, it is most important to find yourself a good stylist who is creative because they will have as much fun finding the right cut and colour for you as you will have wearing the style. •

Top Goldwell Style Sign Structurizing Spray. Above Goldwell Colorance Express Toning colour.


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