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Lucire: Beauty

Megan GaleMegan Gale L’Oréal’s first Australian-born spokeswoman.

Megan Gale: she’s worth it

Sabine Ernest looks at Megan Gale, who has been hitting international screens as L’Oréal Paris’s new spokeswoman


FOR MANY OBSERVERS, Megan Gale was largely unknown, even to her Australian audience, until recently. Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, her first brush with modelling came after she won a competition at the age of 18. After a couple years of doing modelling stints in Australia, Megan moved to Italy where she was catapulted to national fame, thanks to a Vodafone television ad. Since then, Megan has continued her rise to international stardom with her most recent achievement being her selection as a L’Oréal Paris ambassador to Australia and New Zealand. Joining the likes of other L’Oréal ambassadors such as Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Andie MacDowell, the unaffected yet stunning Megan Gale is in her element.
   Despite fame based almost purely on physical appearances, Megan is neither vain nor arrogant. In Italy, where she is a superstar, her Polynesian and French background providing her with an exotic look that leaves men breathless, she remains a down-to-earth Australian native who even enjoys playing the didgeridoo from time to time. Her bubbly personality is vibrant, approachable and holds a remarkable ability to make anyone feel welcome. Megan, who is says that her favourite past time is ‘spending time with my family and friends and the odd really good glass of red wine’ is just your typical girl next door. In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, she admits while ‘living out of a bag and in hotels sounds glamorous and amazing, it’s not fun at all. Especially for me, I’m such a homebody. I love to cook. I would much rather be in my own home, in my own bed and cooking in my own kitchen than being in a hotel ordering room service by myself. It’s just boring.’
   When asked about her beauty rituals, Megan does not list a veritable menu of overpriced salon treatments, but rather says, ‘Applying a really nourishing hair masque or treatment once a week to leave my hair looking and feeling amazing. In addition to that, a good night’s sleep!’
   Her unpretentious attitude is not just regarding her own life, however, but also others around her. In an interview with Life in Italy, Megan acknowledges her fame but her statement also underscores her selfless attitude. When asked about her romantic relationships she states, ‘It’s not very easy for a guy to be with someone like myself. Not because I’m intimidating, but because it’s hard to see someone you love being hounded by photographers or the media. It’s even hard for my parents and friends.’
   Continuing on to say that her favourite ways to unwind and relax would probably have to be ‘a lazy Sunday afternoon cooking … I love to cook! Also, exercise, meditation and yoga. If my body feels good I feel good mentally,’ it is obvious that her healthy lifestyle bleeds into the confidence with which she carries herself.
   For a woman whose work includes modelling, fashion design, acting, television hosting and production, her actions speak louder than words in defining the depth of her nature. In Milano, she voiced her concerns about the unwanted dogs that were being tied up or released by the autostrada where they then were likely to die a horrible death to the mayor, on top of taking a strong profile in the campaign to stop this cruelty. In Australia, she has taken on the role as Ambassador for Kids Help Line, a free, confidential telephone service for young people. She noted in a release, ‘Children of today face all kinds of challenges from bullying to loneliness, sexual abuse and family breakdown and sometimes they need to reach out for support and understanding.’
   The good looks of this Australian beauty run more than skin deep, saying that her definition of beauty, while perhaps cliché sounding, is that ‘real beauty does come from the inside. To me, someone beautiful is someone who is happy, confident and comfortable in their own skin. It’s about who they are on the inside … and if you have a loving positive energy within you, and project that to the outside world, to me those are the people who are most beautiful’ only highlights the humbleness of this truly wonderful woman. Asked what L’Oréal’s slogan, ‘Because I’m worth it,’ means to her, she replies, ‘For me, the slogan means that every woman (or man) should be proud of who they are and celebrate this. It [the slogan] is about self-esteem and self-empowerment.’ •

Megan Gale, as she appears in a L’Oréal Paris visual, and the Elvive TR5 Instant Miracle Treatment she is selling for the company.



Sabine Ernest is a writer for Lucire.



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