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Lucire 2012
Adult Beverages Bar sponsor at the GBK party.

Hitting the right notes

GBK’s pre-American Music Awards Party sets the stage for conscientious celebrating and some superbly thoughtful holiday gift giving ideas
by Elyse Glickman



AS ONE MAY EXPECT at an event that precedes the first major music award show of Hollywood’s award show season, guests were treated to plenty of stylish sportswear wardrobe builders, NYX Cosmetics’ latest rock-inspired colours and beauty breakthroughs (as many mascaras and eyeliner formulas as Baskin Robbins has ice-cream), high tech gadgets tailor-made for the new Iphone 4s and various guitar-related goodies. On Saturday, November 19, there was also a nifty appearance by ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, bringing some iconic ’80s nostalgia to the festivities and VH1’s Save the Music charity.

However, there were many excellent causes spotlighted at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills that reminded people that the upcoming season was one where giving is good, while giving back in creative ways is even better. Two Degrees passed out their all-natural, vegan and gluten-free food bars along with the message that world hunger is as great a cause as it ever has been. As the first “one-for-one” charity-drive food company, Two Degrees give a nutrition pack to a hungry child for each bar purchased. This is done in conjunction with Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organization that works to save the lives of acutely malnourished children while providing communities with sustainable access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. There were fermented, probiotic and pro-amino-otic foods by Real Food. Real Life quietly but pointedly spread awareness for autism as well as other health conditions that these foods and beverages were scientifically proven to improve.

Drawing Hope International’s ( method of messaging, using visual art to join thousands of sexual assault survivors from every state in the US and 150 other countries into a healing community, is especially timely, especially with the abuse scandals which broke out at Penn State and other universities. Via an ongoing artwork in process created with a pointillism technique, it raises awareness and supports survivors to connect with their own strength, see their beauty and embrace their freedom.

Speaking of children gaining and regaining strength, 10-year-old J’Rose came up with a charity that literally packages love for other children in need entering the foster care system. Her Cuddly Bags ( filled with comfort items are presented to kids have been taken from their homes with little or no belongings. The bags are intended to give the kids something to hold on to, and give them comfort during their difficult time and transition into foster care.

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Even with plenty of fabulous self improvement-related products and services offered by RevitaLash (in their spiffy new packages), NYX Cosmetics, J. Nicole’s Inc. (a Santa Monica-based Bumble & Bumble Exclusive Salon and day spa with a rock-and-roll ambiance), nothing quite united that sort of transformational experience with charity quite like the much-publicized and internationally famous Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. While the camp famously provides people the opportunity to follow their dreams to write, record and perform with rock stars and to become a rock star themselves, the organization involved in making dreams come true donated six guitars to be singed by celebrities including Paul Stanley of KISS and other talent attending the lounge. The signed guitars were auctioned off and proceeds went to a variety of charities.

Speaking of star quality, there were some wildly original fashion lines from Technicolor haberdashery grade men’s shirts and women’s blouses (Robert Graham) to supremely sporty (Ergo, Discreet Headwear, Land of Apparel) to spectacularly original (Lotty Dotty’s T-shirts with a screen printed doll, in which the wearer can change the outfit). Gadgets were also sensible and streamlined, ranging from My Pillow Inc. (a hypoallergenic and patented pillow made in the USA filled with customizable fitting that adjusts to every user), Fanny Wang’s premium headphones including the On Ear Wang (featuring a four-way noise cancelling solution and custom-paired titanium-plate drivers, are tuned to deliver natural, thumping bass with crystal clear mids and highs) and SGP’s customizable Iphone 4 and 4S.

Those who enjoy playing with their food were in luck. The bar sponsor was Adult Chocolate Milk, launched in 2009 by busy Moms and lifelong friends Tracy Reinhardt and Nikki Halbur. Sushipopper brought savoury to a normally sweet field, packaging fresh sushi in a portable device is pushed up from the bottom and eaten from the top.


There were many excellent causes spotlighted at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills that reminded people that the upcoming season was one where giving is good, while giving back in creative ways is even better





Elyse Glickman is west coast editor of Lucire.



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