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Lisboa’s fashion transfusion




Luís Buchinho


Luís Buchinho went all the way back to Greco–Roman period to bring to life his summer 2012 collection, deconstructing and revisiting that period with a tropical point of view. The draperies outline the female silhouette and the short and long coexist in dresses and skirts. The colour palette brings us fabrics in light pink, coral yellow, pearl, black and white.


Dawid Tomaszewski


The Polish designer took his insipiration from still-life 17th-century paintings. Vanita Flowers has a blend of fluid chiffon dresses and classic male suits. The colour palette was marked by pale tones.


Nuno Gama


Nuno Gama brought a smaller, focused collection for the summer with its focus on a blazer or a simple suit. The outfits’ touch, cut and comfort differentiate this collection, and feature a slimmer silhouette.


Dino Alves


Dino Alves reinvented the use of lace and embroidery in his collection. New romantic, new chic, new folk and new sexy were the styles on the runway. •

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