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It’s arrived Kiehl’s neon signage reflects its New York origins

One-on-one with the Kiehl’s philosophy

Kiehl’s started as a family-owned New York apothecary in 1851. It has now landed on our Wellington shores, taking shelter in the beauty department of Kirkcaldie & Stains. Roanna Bell reports on its range of skin care
photographed by the author



Skin care can be a tricky routine to get right. It’s a personal approach to a market that is flooded with miracle elixirs. It can leave us feeling as if we are constantly searching for the right combination of products that will answer our needs and remedy any issues our skin may have. Sometimes it feels we don’t know what is right for our skin. Are we doing enough? Can we get the right information? It’s the perfect scenario for the Kiehl’s philosophy to step in.

Kiehl’s offers a range of hair and body products made with high concentrates of the finest natural ingredients. And with Kiehl’s long heritage comes a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicine knowledge passed down many generations to what is incorporated into their skin care formulations today.

I was invited along to the Kiehl’s store at Kirkcaldie & Stains, Wellington for a skin care consultation, interested to see if I had nailed my daily skin care routine, or if I could pick up a few tips on problems areas I wanted to address with some insider knowledge. I went along with an open mind to try and get to know the Kiehl’s brand better.

Warmly greeted by Gina, I filled out a simple questionnaire about my skin and any areas where I felt I needed advice. With the questionnaire filled, and an oil reading sample taken from my face, I was presented with a selection of products I could use for my daily skin care régime.

It is here that Kiehl’s feels it can help set itself apart from the others in the beauty market. I also got some insight into the must-haves.


A quality moisturizer.
It’s important to remember to think about incorporating a SPF factor into our moisturizer, to protect us from the damage caused by the sun.


The correct cleanser for you.
May it be foaming cleanser or an exfoliate, whatever works best for removing impurities, oil and dirt.


A great eye cream.
Target dark circles and look after the gentle skin around the eyes.


Areas of interest for my skin personally would be the range of toners that Kiehl’s offers, for all skin types and skin problem areas. My pick would be the Calendula herbal-extract toner (250 ml, NZ$69), which is formulated to gently cleanse and soothe normal to oily skin, without the use of alcohol or harsh synthetic drying agents.

There are no surprises to hear that one of the most popular products is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery eye cream (15 ml, NZ$61). It is a restorative concentrate of essential oils and botanicals that give a fresher, younger-looking appearance, and is also paraben- and fragrance-free.

So a big thanks to Kiehl’s for inviting me to learn more about what it can offer the beauty market and giving me some great insight on how I can tailor my skin care routine to better suit me.

Head along to your nearest Kiehl’s stockist for a consultation and see if you can make your skin care routine work better for you. •



With Kiehl’s long heritage comes a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicine knowledge passed down many generations to what is incorporated into their skin care formulations today







Roanna Bell is assistant fashion editor of Lucire.


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