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Lucire 2012
Pilot episode America’s Next Top Model winner Yoanna House wears Pilot’s pen skirt

Head to toe fashion

We’re accustomed to seeing GBK on the west coast, but Gavin Keilly and his team ventured east to New York Fashion Week for the spring shows, reports Lola Saab


Fashion Week is all about the arts, bringing to light many inspirational ideas.

In 2000, Gavin Keilly formed GBK, a high-end lifestyle gifting and special event company comprised of five divisions. The GBK Celebrity Gift and Styling Lounge, one of the five, welcomed over a dozen companies during New York Fashion Week to the Empire Hotel’s Crystal Rooms, across the street from the Tents, to present attendees with special products to induce confidence and creativity. Guests, including celebrities, VIPs, stylists and designers had the opportunity to learn about a variety of some of the latest must-haves. Those attending included actress Tamara Tunie, Nasim Pedra from Saturday Night Live and fashion designer Walter Baker.

The fashion event revolved around the Dress for Success non-profit organization. Located across 12 countries, the organization provides professional attire and support to disadvantaged and low-income women, aiding them in their everyday lives and their careers, moulding them into successfully independent figures.

Narrow-cut pencil skirts give a slim and elegant fit, but how about a pen skirt? The Japanese pen manufacturer, Pilot, known for its long line of colourful and cool-looking pens, wowed people with its fabulous long pen skirt made out of its erasable Frixion pens. Its ‘Inspiration Station’ placed its impressive designs under the spotlight. Pictures of Yoanna House, winner of America’s Next Top Model and spokesperson for IMG, wearing the skirt, were featured. The skirt included variously coloured pens coming together, creating an illusion of an actual piece with a slight slit from the hip down. A poster of House, surrounded by a number of celebrity signatures, would be auctioned off to help the Kids in Need Foundation.

Bags are an important element for on-the-go people—after all, one must ensure that all one’s belongings are stored in a safe yet fashionable place! BlinkzGear, based in Los Angeles, keeps things trendy while guaranteeing that there is enough space. Its Urban & Life messenger bags with interchangeable covers are fun, chic and flawless. Each bag comes fully equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap designed from repurposed car seatbelts and an exterior created from weather-resistant fabric. Of course, space is crucial, but large bags are usually not an option if they create an impractical bulky effect. BlinkzGear has provided a convenient size with a spacious interior for many necessary features including a separate compartment for a 15-inch-screen laptop and slots for essential everyday pieces, including pockets for sunglasses. If the bag’s exterior design suddenly begins to feel too redundant, it can easily be unzipped to make room for another, creating a new look.

continued below

Above Some of the BlinkzGear designs.

Above left Actor Paul Sparks and his BlinkzGear bag (photograph courtesy GBK). Above right Businessman Robert Herjaveć.


Izlla, meanwhile, represents not just any face cream; it brings attention to its 100 per cent natural and organic ingredients. Izlla refers to its tagline, ‘pure luxury for face and body.’ Ingredients include rose, peppermint, calendula, jasmine, orange blossom and more. Through nature’s nourishing plants the skin is nurtured for years to come.

While talking about staying true to the skin, we may also think about staying true to the planet. G Wear does just that with its hip recycled fashion shirts. The designs, including a poodle on a leash or a stylish shoe with a bit of a heel, attract the eye.

Hot Rock Jewelry embraces nature’s beauty by presenting a range of pieces made with real stones, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. The design director, Linda Rocco, has an extensive knowledge as a gemologist. As she presented her collection, one particularly stood out: a custom gold-plated pendant with its famous ‘flaming diamond logo’ on one side and an inscription on the other, ‘Your Life Has Meaning.’

When it comes to feeling confident and sexy, a bit of nail polish goes a long way. An innovative technique has found its way in to fashion. The Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails provides the wearer with an easy and stylish approach to substitute wearing nail polish. Rather than go through the sometimes utter mess, you can simply peel and press an already-designed nail on to the polish-free finger and you are all set to go. With a variety of colours and a wide range of patterns, a woman can find her look in an instant.

Moday also introduced attendees to its line of slips and camisoles that come in various colours with a range of designs to fit any figure, and beautifully blend in with outerwear.

The GBK Celebrity Gift and Styling Lounge brought people together to celebrate Fashion Week in a serene, luxurious atmosphere—we look forward to seeing its return. •

Below Stylist June Ambrose at Hot Rock Jewelry’s stand.

Narrow-cut pencil skirts give a slim and elegant fit, but how about a pen skirt? The Japanese pen manufacturer, Pilot, known for its long line of colourful and cool-looking pens, wowed people with its fabulous long pen skirt made out of its erasable Frixion pens











Lola Saab is Paris editor of Lucire.





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