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Make change, not waste The Whole Planet Foundation’s Make Change, Not Waste initiative helps fund poverty alleviation through microcredit. More information here.

New and old kids on the block

Spring has sprung, change is in the air, and US west coast editor Elyse Glickman reports that the Secret Room and the Rock ’n Rolla Movie Awards’ Eco Party, celebrating the MTV Movie Awards’ hosts and nominees, are more about quality of life than quantity of bling


You can have an off-day, even if you’re a celebrity who’s got it all or a hopeful who has a shot at fame. There are days when having the best toys, quite honestly, does not matter. However, at these moments, you can find two reasons to be grateful—your health, and your dog or cat who will love you unconditionally no matter where the fickle finger of fate is pointing.

With so many of the celebrities attending these festivals under 30, it is nice to know many of the vendors providing the giveaways for the Secret Room and the Rock ’n’ Rolla Movie Awards Eco Party are also setting a good example. Debbie Durkin’s picnic at the Pickford House was catered by Whole Foods, which shed a stellar spotlight on their charity (the Whole Planet Foundation) as well as affiliated causes National Pet Day, the Celebrity Green Writing Prompt Project, and Musicians for Microcredit (where young musician can get their peers and fans to donate money to a variety of causes).

Durkin also informed us that her company has adopted a new mission statement and tagline. ‘I want to save the world and the American economy, one brand at a time,’ she mentioned. ‘This is the sole reason why I choose to produce parties on a sustainable platform that give voice to hard-working Americans who create cool, eco-friendly brands that save the planet and give back to worthy causes. I encourage anybody who appreciates this to tweet, #SaveThePlanet.’

Durkin, as usual, placed a heavy focus on the ‘music’ part of MTV with an entertainment line-up that made guests want to stay for the show above all else. Performances included sets with Stolen Rhodes, the Palace Ballroom, Katie Cole, Nicole Lexi Davis, Natalie Gelman, Lily Elise (The Voice), Ryan Boone, Jonny Kaplan and Jessy Greene (Fauntella Crowe and Foo Fighters), Ménage, Owl, and Emii, with DJ Vanilla Chilla spinning between sets. Many of the sponsors, meanwhile, provided delicious and nutritious food well-suited for an outdoor picnic. In addition to salads and sandwiches from Whole Foods’ catering, they could snack on frozen Kefir Bars from Lifeway Foods, Luna bars, and (if they were over 21) Artá Tequila citrus mint cocktails.

Beauty and fashion sponsors included Gift Sender (an innovative personal shopper service), LA + Jo clothing (a new Los Angeles-based natural cotton T-shirt line), OPI Euro Centrale Collection, Swyt Couture’s poolside ballet slip-on shoes, Jose Eber’s new infrared blow-driers, and fitness–nutrition guru Kathy Kaehler, who will be launching her own television series soon. Stay tuned!

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Above Products showcased at the Secret Room.

Just as the Pickford Mansion is a go-to spot for Durkin’s events, the Secret Room team once again put up stakes and camped out at the fashionable SLS Beverly Hills hotel. Although they took the party inside, there were plenty of inspired items offered to guests that either focused on healthy eating or socially conscious fashion nicely suited for the great outdoors.

Rita Branch and Amy Boatright, meanwhile, continued to draw attention and awareness to the American Humane Association, dedicated to protecting both children and animals since 1877. The reps at the event kept celebrities and entertainment industry attendees abreast of advances the organization has made in educating the public about the human-animal bond and its role in therapy, medicine and society.

Branch and Boatright once again showed they have their well-manicured fingers on the most innovative beauty, wellness and fashion products in the market-place. While no hybrid cars were given away, guests did receive a pair of Flips, which ingeniously combines top-grade headphones and audio speakers onto one convenient device. Sue Sensi offered celebs brilliant silver jewellery with the spiritual and fashionable “evil eye” motif protecting wearers from evil spirits. This complemented Agadir argan oil hair products. Other fashion statements included silk dresses and tops from the brand Dashiki (is Africa the new India?), preppy statement jewellery from Atlanta-based Swell Caroline (the late Lily Pulitzer would be proud) and bespoke handbags from furniture designer Joseph Nicola that put the “investment purse” into a brand new context. Espiritu Folk knitwear and handbags from Argentina were also a big hit.

The Thenna Lip Pumping device, though for the face, was perhaps one of the most eye-catching new gadgets in an event that featured a fresh line-up of must-haves not appearing at previous Secret Room events. The apple-shaped device has a vacuum mechanism that plumps lips naturally without harsh chemicals or potentially dangerous fillers. Of course, if you needed a bit more, you could also apply produces from Adore Cosmetics, which contain nutriative benefits of apples. Though the pouts only last two hours with the Thenna, it seems to be a safe alternative for those who want to avoid the knife or the expense. The Pearly White dental whitening system offers similar convenience and effectiveness for those seeking a brighter and safer smile. The made-in-the US Hair Doozy caddy, meanwhile, allows for both cleaner bathroom countertops and easy access to appliances.

Though you could get a nutritious lift from Secret Room sponsor Gogee’s superfruit juices and energy shots, or your coffee fix from Illy, there were lots of indulgent treats: Jelly Queen’s condiments, Offenbacher Fudge, kosher Mega Load peanut butter cups and Goody Good Stuff gummy candy.

Celebrities making the rounds at the weekday events included actor, screenwriter–director Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Wes Ramsey (The Playboy Club), Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill), Kelly Hu (Arrow), Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill), Rodrigo Rojas (Modern Family), Richard Portnow (Hitchcock), Paulo Benedeti (Guiding Light), May Wang (10,000 Apologies), Kiowa Gordon, Judi Shekoni, and Bronson Pelletier from The Twilight Saga Series, Brendon Eggersten (Paranormal Activity 4), Shar Jackson (Celebrity Fit Club), Joel Michaely (Rules of Attraction), Chelsea Autumn (Queen of Hearts), and internet sensation Jesse Heiman (the lovable nerd from the Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad). •




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Elyse Glickman is US west coast editor of Lucire.