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Karen Reuter Photography

Ice, ice baby Miss Teen California USA Hope Hatfield and Miss California USA Mabelynn Capeluj enjoy a Get Shaved ice treat.

Ready for prime-time

US West Coast Editor Elyse Glickman checks out the trends and lifestyle items taking the red carpet prior to the big day at the Emmys


It’s a new season, at least on television, and what better way to get some new essentials for fall than at one of the many style lounges that blossom before the Emmy trophies get passed out. Once again there were many stories swapped and products tried and experience. Here are some of the highlights.

Same time, new channel

Event planner Doris Bergman pulled out the stops for her Fourth Annual Style Lounge & Party, using the Fig & Olive in West Hollywood as her backdrop. With kids returning to school right around Emmy time, its only fitting that Bergman’s charity of record is Wednesday’s Child. Thinking ahead to Christmas, she requested every guest bring an unwrapped gift for one of the thousands of teens (ages 13–18) the programme directed by LA County’s Department of Children and Family Services benefits.

One thing that makes Bergman’s stable of vendors and events is their ability to reconcile style and accessibility. One of the most buzzed-about vendors once again was the lavish jewellery line LusciousS by Kendra Bridelle. Her luxe stainless steel line features lavish, retro inspired cocktail rings, statement pendants and look-at-me earrings.

However, not to be outdone, sibling lines Twisted Silver and Perch by Debra Mitchell att the table across the way offered something for every fashionista, from their ever-widening breakout collection inspired by reclaimed jewellery pieces to sleek day to dinner looks from Perch. This season, the sleek line integrates fresh water pearls and crystals with industrial chic metals . There were some bold pendants for the guys as well.

Returning suite participants were all about improved versions of products Bergman and her team have introduced over the years. Radar Watches unveiled their new Secret Agent line, which adds sparkly LED feature to the sleek but sporty interchangeable watch. Dulcenea Lingerie showcased the expansion of their line-black textured tights that make the confidence building of lingerie. Model in a Bottle returned with a new, lighter and more portable bottle design as well as a formula for sensitive skin. Whitening Lightning expanded its line of smile brightening lip glossed and at-home whitening dental necessities.

Galena Sobelev, a favourite LA designer who has appeared on some of Bravo TV’s popular shows, is expanding her style sensibility to a wider audience by adding plus sizes and more silhouettes, ranging from ladylike ’50s styles to mod ’60s shifts to ’70s maxi dresses.

Perhaps the most innovative and timely accessory offered to celebrities is Scytodes’ Security Glove, which provides a safer and more foolproof alternative to standard pepper spray key chains. It literally fits the hand like a glove, and allows a woman to activate the spray and still have hands free to fight off her attacker and be in total control of her destiny. While the device is available in hues like metallic pink and black pearl, inventor Domonique Torrence featured several customized models adorned with crystals and decals.

As it is still summer, cold drinks are an essential. While Honest Ade was back to refresh the guests, those counting calories appreciated the new Begley’s and Bill’s Sodas, natural, calorie-free sodas developed by actor-turned-environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr and wife Rachelle and partner Bill Sabo and Nature’s Flavors.

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Ed Begley and Rich Sommer with Nature’s Flavors.

Robert Wagner and daughter Katie Wagner.

Mary Murphy at

Andy Art Photography

Wounded Warrior Dan Nevins wears 100% Gumdrop’s hope and courage bracelets.

Karen Reuter Photography

Wounded Warrior Alan Babib and his mother Rosie with Atzen Skincare.

Albert Evangelista Photography

Actress Jes Macallan with Zumer Sport.

Salute to Real Stars

I realized before I set foot inside the historic Avalon in Hollywood, anchored by Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), that there was something truly special about this particular pre-Emmy suite. Though the Army-issue Tonka “T-Rex” truck and American flag display at the entrance were pretty impressive, they did not prepare me for what was going on inside.

Dan Nevins, US Army Iraq War veteran and one of the guests of honour, had just taken the stage with his account about the step-by-step ways the Wounded Warrior Project did not just make a difference in his life, but in effect, made him whole again during his lengthy recovery process. From despair that came in the aftermath of a 2004 bomb blast that would ultimately claim parts of his left and right legs, the organization went beyond the call of moral support. Its members pushed Nevins out of his bed and out into the world through endurance-oriented outdoor adventures, including white-water rafting, rock climbing, canoeing and participating in a 600-mile benefit ride from New York to Virginia. He describes the backpack of clothing, toiletries and playing cards they brought him early on as the most important gift he’d ever receive.

And honour the attending servicemen they did. The beauty product sponsors were particularly gung ho about lifting men’s spirits and appearance with their lines. Marco Berardini and his team from Evolution Man offered mini men’s facials as well as stylish travel bags of their products, while the representative from Atzen skin care was particularly excited about how their medical grade skin care could reverse the effects of some of the harsh conditions their skin endured during their time in country, with such ingredients as hyaluronic acid, peptides, resveratrol, protectants and plant extracts.

For the servicewomen, wives and female celebrities, Manna Kadar Cosmetics offered touch-ups and samplings of their mineral colour cosmetic products and Beauty Simplified System skin care. If they had the whole afternoon to spare, and many of them richly deserved it, they could spend a blissful day at a satellite of Spa del Rey, located at the Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey. Spa del Rey is known for its use of products such as Natura Bisse and other organic and vegan products. After massages and facials, some treatments using the latest technology, they could venture upstairs to experience some styling and primping from the Nail Garden as well as some TLC from the spokes-stylists of Surface, a collection of hair and skin care products just getting established on the American west coast. Organic, gluten-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and 100 per centvegan, the expanding line, which also includes a men’s collection and a range of products that prompt hair growth and thickening, was as intriguing as it was attractively packaged.

The food selection was as conscientious as it was delicious. The main courses were provided by Veestro, a revolutionary Thousand Oaks-based home food delivery company specializing in chef inspired, plant-based meals delivered straight to your home anywhere in the US. Their most popular dishes—vegetarian enchiladas, Indian red curry, quinoa soup, kale Cæsar salad—were the highlights. Fond of Cake, another ambitious West Valley company, delivered the goods on desserts with some outstanding vegan and gluten free cupcakes. Chocolatier David Bacco was a chocolate sommelier of sorts while Atlanta-based Sweet Surrender (focusing on fudge in interesting flavours) offered many nice ways to be naughty while dedicating their efforts to helping the homeless in the USA. If you wanted to indulge in a more healthy way, you could try out This Bar Saves Lives, whose proceeds benefit malnourished children.

At this Style Lounge, fashion literally met function. The Hong Kong-based iiJin (pronounced ‘e-gene’), one of the innovators of the platform sneaker, will be opening its newest fashion mecca on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood. The store will be stocking their signature sneakers as well as stud-embellished Birkenstock-style sandals, flip flops and a clothing line, making its Asian-influenced (yet extremely wearable) mark in the mostly Euro-centric expanse of West Hollywood. Closer to home, Los Angeles-based Vine Street Market, USA touted their eco-friendly and utterly packable shopping bags

In keeping with the day’s theme, however, Roma Boots not only got attention because of its colours, but also its cause. Similar to Tom’s Shoes, for every pair of Roma Boots sold, a brand new pair is donated to a child in need. Ten per cent of all sales proceeds go to its Roma for All Foundation to help Romanian children get an education to eventually break out of their cycle of poverty.

Ali’s Collection, by Chicago-based Alicia Mohr, features precious metals, semi-precious stones, leather and resin forged into interesting pieces that are both edgy and elegant. While Mohr notes the company sources supplies from US companies whenever possible, she notes she wants her firm to be a good global citizen, and to honour that, recently launched a programme that features the designs of artisan associations from developing countries alongside her designs.

For more information about the Wounded Warrior Project, visit

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From top Actress Erin Cahill, Sgt Danielle Figueroa and the Surface Haircare team. Wendy Davis with Roma Boots. Dancing with the Stars pro Lindsay Arnold with Aqua Hydrate. General Hospital star Haley Pullos gets a glam makeover by Manna Kadar Cosmetics. Miss California Teen USA Hope Hatfield at Manna Kadar Cosmetics. The Voice star Judith Hill, actor Quinton Aaron, Wounded Warrior Project guests Elizabeth and Tim Hunt and actor Ocatvius J. Johnson. Actor Dorian Missick with Original Retro Brand. Actor Nestor Serrano and his wife Debbie with Sly Collective. Elyse Levesque with Roma Boots.



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Elyse Glickman is US west coast editor of Lucire.

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