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Clarins for spring The Garden Escape eye palette

Crayon Khôl or kohl pencil, in intense green

Elyse Glickman is US west coast editor of Lucire.

Facing spring with a new “wardrobe”

Elyse Glickman learns from Clarins’ brand ambassador Christopher Truffa about how to dress the skin to look its best



Given the international appeal of Clarins’ botanic skin care and cosmetics, it is no surprise that it is one of the most inviting beauty counters at the Bloomingdale’s store at South Coast Plaza, one of Southern California’s most “international” malls, packed with labels from Asia and Europe as well as the US.

While the new garden-themed spring 2015 colour collection is tempting on its own, it may be a good idea to approach your purchases of Clarins’ products the way you would if you were updating your spring wardrobe. Brand ambassador Christopher Truffa knows this well, pointing out that the brand has been introducing beauty mavens in France to botanical-based skin care since the 1950s, long before organic, pure and natural became one-word sales’ pitches. Many of the products in the spotlight either have been around for years or have been reformulated with improved mixes of elements. This is not so different from the collections of designers like Georgio Armani and Ralph Lauren, whose basics are as coveted as their fancier pieces.

‘We want to talk about how to dress your skin as you do dressing yourself,’says Truffa. ‘sing skin are is a way to perfect the canvas of the skin, so no matter what products or colours come into trend, you will always look your best. You need to start with a mix of products that are best for your skin’s stage of life.’

Truffa explains that the first step, of is determining what stage your skin is at, which doesn’t always relate to your chronological age. It’s about balance your skin first and then balancing your style with colour make-up. He guides the pack of beauty writers to Clarins’ equivalents of tee shirts and jeans—four “base” products that are not new, but staples because of the way they prep skin for the newer products that are launching.

‘The foundation of our company lies within the power of the plant, a pioneering line using botanical plant extracts as well as some essential oils coupled with the touch, or technique you use to apply the product,’ Truffa says, and as he demonstrates his ‘five-minute eye lift’ technique on correspondent Jody Miller. ‘It starts with warming the product in your hand, which emulsifies it to be properly absorbed and warms it up so your skin can receive the benefits of the product’s ingredients. You start in the centre of the face and work your way out, following the lymphatic system and stimulating the skin.’

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Clarins’ 2015 Blush Prodige in 08 Sweet Rose

The Éclat Minute Huile Confort Lèvres, or the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Clarins’ Éclat Minute instant Light Lip Balm Protectors

Clarins’ Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

Clarins’ UV Plus broad-spectrum sunscreen, SPF 50


His pet product, the Double Serum, is not only Clarins’ top selling serum, but a skin undergarment he also likens to a multivitamin which would be combined with other moisturizers and products (with the assistance of a Clarins rep) that equate to additional vitamins you may take for certain needs, ‘in accordance to your skin’s lifestyle.’

He further explains that Double Serum helps other products work better as it provides hydration, nutrients, regeneration, protection and oxygenation (or the release of carbon dioxide, which is a toxin for skin) Once those functions work, all other products you use will work that much better and be more effective.

‘Double Serum, therefore is like perfectly fitted underwear that keeps everything in place,’ Truffa states. ‘From there, you add moisturizer, which is like your general outfit. Our sunscreen, which incorporates white tea and melon, which protects against contaminates, UVA, UVB, free radicals and pollution, is your outerwear. Make-up is like accessories.’

Treatment products in Truffa’s spotlight included the reformulated UV Plus Anti-Pollution Sunscreen, with white tea and cantaloupe, and Total Eye Concentrate with harungana leaf from Madagascar to replenish moisture and cassie flower (which emits a wax that creates a natural smoothing effect). On the colour cosmetic side of the aisle, he sang the praises of the Everlasting Foundation with SFP 15, which imparts a lasting matte finish full coverage.

Venturing into the Garden Escape collection, he turned our attention to the new Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (a less tacky alternative to balms and glosses), Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector balms with a small kiss of colour and big hydration, and a limited edition Garden Escape six-colour eye palette. •




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