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Old favourites Some aspects of Seattle haven’t changed

Stanley Moss is travel editor of Lucire.

Letter from Seattle

Stanley Moss heads to Seattle, Washington, to visit some old favourites, as well as a whole new market sector that has popped up with the decriminalization of recreational marijuana
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Post-Boeing Seattle grew up a long time ago, thanks to mighty Microsoft. More recently, awesome Amazon added to the prosperity pie: they’re now valued at a whopping $16,500 million, supplanting Wal-mart as the nation’s biggest retailer. A quick drop-in during the month of August found the city bopping along, with mini-minions crowding the sidewalks on their way to work at technology start-ups which populate the downtown. Caffeinated millennial guys porting skateboards, in beards, tattoos, pierces, cargo shorts and sandals and girls in skimpy retro summer dresses set the fashion tone.

Over at Pike Place Market it’s still possible to sit down at the Athenian Restaurant at 7 a.m., order a local stout and a Hangtown frittata—oysters and eggs—and watch the locals crowd the bar for an eye-opening pick-me-up. A panoramic view of Puget Sound makes for the best table in town. If bivalves aren’t your thing, try the eggs benedict with a microbrew. You get a generous portion, and real hollandaise.

Picturesque Old Town has survived, with its trendy art galleries and compact couture stops. Lucire’s old friends at Laguna Vintage Pottery continue to stock a fabulous museum-grade collection of ceramics, time-travelling back to Bauer classics from the ’30s, pastel Fiesta and Catalina colours, Eva Zeisel futurismo from the ’50s and ’60s, and an eclectic mix of rarities, hugely tempting to the obsessive collector, not to mention challenging to your charge card.

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Around the corner, newcomer Elm Coffee Roasters perks up a minimalist java experience in a comfortable vaulted space wth exceptional brews. Free wifi, earnest hipsters bent over their laptops, and a cool soundtrack complete the picture.

A late supper at Palace Kitchen up on the hill survives the ravages of progress. This perennial favourite upholds an unbeatable standard. Great atmo, a fabulous burger, hyper-creative menu and top-notch service make this our first choice for a splendid dinner date.

Of course the biggest news in Washington state is the decriminalization of recreational marijuana. A whole new category of business-creation has lit up the scene, with vendors offering weed-infused oils, chocolates, elixirs, and the herb in an array of inventive packagings. And it’s all legal! In search of the gold standard, we visited Seattle Cannabis Company’s clean and green location to view a retail space. The goods on display in pristine cases herald the world of the future, where the Dude abides. •




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