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Roma at night, photographed by Donatella Simonetti


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Rooftops. I can’t stop staring at the rooftops. They stretch ahead of me to eternity, a thousand shapes, into infinity. From my perspective on the roof terrace of the Baglioni Hotel Regina, overlooking the Via Veneto, a swirl of recollection encompasses me, and I dream of La Dolce Vita, La Grande Bellezza, seasoned with a playful soundtrack by Nino Rota. Somewhere in the streets out there my every cinema dream took shape. My stomach is growling. But the rooftops are listening. Come back into the streets, they say. All that’s missing is the hearty dish of pasta and a basket overflowing with crisp grissini, which can be easily had. You can find that trattoria you liked so much last trip, order a glass of chianti, take a moment to see who’s sitting at the next table. A spontaneous rendezvous? But first, the rooftops with their thousands of stories. They stretch into eternity and now I get it: no wonder they call this city Eternal. Here you have all the time in the world, and there is no time like the present.


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