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Adèle & Jules Twin hotels in the 9th

Unforgettable destinations for summer ’17



Adèle & Jules Suited to millennials, beginning at €200 per night


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Paris, France

Tourism has rebounded in the most-visited city in the world, where another clever, centrally located, design-conscious and hip hotel has opened in the 9e arrondissement. Adèle & Jules—call them twin hotels because their entrances are 25 m apart and they’re mirror image floorplans of each other—boast state-of-the-art rooms, free wifi everywhere, all-new décor and a smart, sassy attitude about hospitality, designed for the millennial at heart—or the real thing. With an emphasis on attractive public spaces, these imaginary brother and sister hotels sit on a quiet cité, just around the corner from Grands Boulevards métro station. A healthy irreverence, high comfort quotient and great price starting at €200 per night make this newcomer a superior choice for both the business and leisure traveller. We liked the bathrooms and the earthy toned interiors, the comfortable beds and furniture choices. Adèle & Jules scores big with lobby lounges and dining rooms ideal for business rendezvous or for tapping out emails on your laptop. Comfy couches and banquettes, a super breakfast and budget-friendly tariff round out the very attractive package. Old standby Restaurant Chartier only a one-minute walk away.

Adele & Jules
2 et 4 Cité Rougemont
75009 Paris
33 1 48-24-60-70

How does 78-year-old Lucien Pellat-Finet keep coming up with these eccentric and wonderful designs year after year? We can’t stay away from his little Paris boutique, with endless racks of styles, weaves, motifs, and rainbow colours. We love the bomber jackets festooned with death’s heads, T-shirts with marijuana leaves and sweaters bearing the familiar faces of anime characters. Plush cashmeres and superfine weaves share shelf space with oversize scarves and kicky accessories. Don’t visit this crazy establishment if your credit card is numerically challenged or if you have low resistance to temptation.

Lucien Pellat-Finet boutique
231 rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris


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